How Much Will I Get for Pain and Suffering from a Car Accident?

Written by Jeremy D. Earle, JD

May 9, 2023

What Can I Get for Pain and Suffering in an Injury Case?

Every year, car accidents result in an alarmingly high number of injuries. They’re also to blame for a different kind of torment that’s more difficult to track: pain and suffering.

An car collision may be very traumatic for a person’s mental health. It’s difficult to deal with, whether with PTSD flashbacks from the accident or anxiety attacks when driving. Thousands of accidents occur on our roadways each year, and many of them permanently alter people’s lives.

Are you a victim of one of the hundreds of accidents that occur every year? If that’s the case, you’re entitled to compensation for your suffering — and we’re not just talking about your out-of-pocket expenses.

The agony and suffering you experienced from a car accident may not have had a monetary value connected to it. Still, it is just as real to you as that enormous medical bill.

After a car accident, consult with an expert car accident attorney to determine how much money you are entitled to for your pain and suffering.


It sounds straightforward: if someone causes a car accident in which you are injured, that person (or their insurance company) should give you a check to cover whatever expenditures you incur as a consequence of the accident: medical bills missed earnings, and so on. You’ll very certainly have invoices, receipts, and other proof to back up your claims.

But what about your misery and agony, the damage that doesn’t necessarily empty your money account but lowers your quality of life? While it may take weeks or months for them to appear, you may have nightmares and flashbacks regarding the tragedy.

Your relationships with your loved ones may deteriorate due to your inability to participate in activities with them while you recover. Shouldn’t you be compensated for the mental agony, emotional distress, and bodily pain that a car accident causes?


A skilled lawyer would treat you with respect, but the insurance company may attempt to disregard your sentiments and minimise your pain. In personal injury cases, pain and suffering are exactly like any other injure. It assigns a monetary value to car accident injuries’ physical, emotional, and spiritual effects

To put it another way, it compensates you for things like:

If you can’t get through a day at work without using pain relievers When your injuries prevent you from holding your kid in your arms. Observing people’s responses to your scars or disability

You’re missing out on your favourite activities and pastimes Having difficulty standing or sitting without pain

New phobias and anxieties about driving

The pressure and stress on your personal and interpersonal connections

These are but a few instances. Damages for pain and suffering are intended to compensate you for the hardship and effort you have had due to your car accident injuries.


The value assigned to your pain and suffering is often determined by doing the math. Damage “Multipliers” is a shorthand method used by professionals.

Personal injury law professionals, mostly attorneys and insurance adjusters, often employ ” multipliers ” to assess pain and suffering damages; personal injury law professionals—mostly attorneys and insurance adjusters—often employ “multipliers.”

They add up all of a car accident victim’s out-of-pocket expenses—medical bills, missed earnings, and other injury- related costs—and multiply the amount by a figure that reflects the severity of the victim’s injuries. The overall result determines how much a victim should be compensated for “pain and suffering” (also known as “non-economic”) and out-of-pocket (sometimes known as “economic”) damages.


Of course, it is not always up to attorneys and insurance companies to determine the amount of pain and suffering damages an car accident victim should get. When a car accident lawsuit goes to trial, a jury will determine how much compensation you are entitled to for your pain and suffering.

When it comes to awarding pain and suffering damages, juries do not have a set of guidelines to follow. Instead, people rely on their sense of fairness to determine what is acceptable in a given situation.

While this may indicate that your attorney will seek a significant pain and suffering award, there is no certainty. The threat of a large jury award, on the other hand, may encourage insurance companies to offer a reasonable settlement rather than risk their luck at trial.

When an insurance company knows the injured accident victim’s lawyer has a track record of winning big cases, they may be more inclined to offer a fair settlement. Do your homework and choose a car accident lawyer willing to fight for you in court and has a documented track record of success.


To be clear, you cannot and must not do anything that exacerbates your agony and suffering to get more money. That is a horrible concept that will undoubtedly backfire.

You should also not exaggerate your distress. When individuals look honest and strive to recover, juries and insurance companies reward them with money. Attending physical – and emotional – therapy treatments regularly will help you manage.


You may, however, make efforts to safeguard your entitlement to compensation for pain and suffering. What is the single most crucial step? After an car accident, you should call an experienced car accident attorney as quickly as possible. An attorney may assist you in obtaining justice in various ways, including negotiating the highest possible amount of pain and suffering damages.


Look into how car accidents occurred and their consequences so that when it comes time to compute pain and suffering damages, you have a complete picture of the facts and a solid case.

Strike a hard bargain with insurance companies who will do everything to avoid paying our clients the full amount of pain and suffering damages they are entitled to.

Litigate in trial courts to explain why the “fair” amount of pain and suffering damages is the MAXIMUM amount we have sought to judges and jurors.

A free first consultation with a lawyer is always available, and car accident lawyers operate on a “contingency basis,” which means they only get paid if you do.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking this chance. Be on the lookout for insurance company ruses.

Pain and suffering are personal experiences. This implies it’s up to interpretation and very dependent on the injured individual. Although a “strong man” with a serious injury may seem to “suffer” less than a little kid with a broken arm, the fact is that both of them are entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering.

Subjective injuries allow insurance firms to debate how much they should pay you. And you can guarantee they’ll hunt for any excuse to offer you less than you deserve in exchange for your misery.

Here are a few examples of how insurance companies may try to nickel and dime you over the amount you should be compensated for your pain and suffering:


Social networking is a favourite of insurance adjusters. It’s like if it’s a never-ending present for them. Because of this, we prefer to offer a glossy, “best possible” image of our lives on social media.

Everyone is constantly smiling in the images we share, sunrises are always stunning, and life seems pretty darn good. That is unless it isn’t. So, what happens if an insurance adjuster does some snooping and discovers a photo of you looking “happy” when your lawyer is claiming that you have suffered excruciating agony and suffering? That’s correct; your lawyer will be confronted with your social media postings. So, here’s an idea: take a vacation from Facebook and Instagram for the time being, okay?


Insurance firms have even been known to send actual, live detectives to chase down wounded car accident victims to get a photo or video at a time that doesn’t seem to be very painful or sad. As a result, don’t overwork yourself and be mindful of what you say and do in public. It’s so simple to grab a photo or video out of context, and insurance firms are salivating at the chance to make it seem as though your life is perfect.


Here’s a helpful hint: Say refuse and contact your lawyer right away if an insurance company representing the party at blame in your car accident calls you out of the blue and offers you money to settle a car accident injury claim.

This isn’t a lucky break. WORRIED is an insurance firm that provides you with money immediately. It owes you a lot more than that, and it’s hoping you’ll take advantage of the “fast money” to give away your precious legal rights. It’s a ruse. Don’t get taken in by it.

An expert car accident injury lawyer is well-versed in these deceptions and avoids them. However, they won’t assist you unless you contact them. If you want to collect the most money for your pain and suffering, you need to employ an attorney who will battle tooth and nail to get you every cent you are entitled to. Don’t put off taking action until it’s too late.


Finally, you must look after yourself to obtain the greatest money for your pain and suffering. Make an appointment with your doctor. Follow the doctor’s instructions. Take your medication as directed. Make every effort to recover from your injuries and begin rebuilding your life. People who demonstrate working hard to heal and adapt to life after a car accident are awarded the greatest pain and suffering damages.


You don’t have to cope with your pain and suffering on your own after a car accident. You deserve — and need – a powerful advocate on your side. You’ll need assistance to get the funds you need. You’ll need assistance to return to your life and the activities you like.


Every day that passes following your injury might be another chance to be compensated. Protect your rights and make the best case for pain and suffering damages you can. Get in touch with a seasoned car accident lawyer right now.

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