When Should I Get Attorney for Colorado Car Accident?

Written by Jeremy D. Earle, JD

June 13, 2023


Car accidents are a nuisance and a pain in the ass. If you’re injured, you’ll have to deal with the subsequent car damage as well as the pain and suffering that comes with it.

A car accident might leave you with unanticipated medical expenses that you may find difficult to pay due to the fact that your injuries may also keep you from working. In order to alleviate your worry and concentrate on your rehabilitation, it is vital to get compensation for these financial losses.

A car accident lawyer can help you preserve evidence and submit a claim quickly so that you may get the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to under the law in order to recuperate from your injuries.


You’re undoubtedly worried, bewildered, and wounded if you’ve been in a car accident. You can be struggling with injuries, trauma, and mounting medical expenditures. You may have had a car stolen or damaged that you rely on to commute to work and generate money.

You may believe that dealing with this is as straightforward as obtaining money from an insurance provider. not at all! In most circumstances, anyone involved in a car accident would be better off hiring an attorney to assist them in comprehending their compensation choices.
When should you seek legal help after a car accident? If any of the following circumstances apply to you, you should seek the advice of a car accident lawyer.


If you’ve been injured in a car accident caused by another motorist, a skilled car accident lawyer can help you get justice as well as compensation for your losses. While basic property losses may sometimes be settled without the help of an attorney, you must engage an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible if there is any potential for harm since injury cases can be quite involved.

All drivers on the road must adhere to the state’s driving and traffic rules, as well as safe driving practices. This may seem to be self-evident., which may appear to be self-evident. It’s common sense, but it’s also called “exercising a duty of care” under the law. Drivers have a responsibility to the public not to drive dangerously.

An example of a duty of care includes not running a red light or cutting a yellow light so near to another car’s right of way at an intersection or driving 50 mph on a 30-mph roadway. Simple principles, yet people are hurt much too often when they are violated.

On the other hand, isn’t duty of care limited to driving. The responsibility of every driver also extends to the care and maintenance of their cars. Drivers should ensure that their cars are safe to drive and equipped with the necessary safety equipment.

Let’s say a motorist is foolish enough not to repair a broken windshield wiper, and as a result, he or she is unable to see out of the windshield when a heavy downpour appears out of nowhere. The driver disobeyed the duty of care by failing to pay attention to the car’s state, resulting in a car accident instead of a 30-second wiper repair.

Breaking traffic regulations or driving dangerously might be considered a violation of the duty of care. As a consequence, they may be found negligent by a court. Drivers are held legally accountable for injuries caused by their actions due to negligence.

If a motorist has caused you damage due to their negligence, you may file a personal injury lawsuit against them in court to seek compensation for your injuries. In an car accident, there are various ways you might experience losses, which are referred to as damages.

Even if you don’t consider a broken leg damaged, the law does. This is because it most likely caused you bodily and mental harm. More significantly, if someone else’s irresponsible judgments caused your damage, you shouldn’t have to suffer or pay medical expenditures as a result.
The following are examples of common sorts of damages for which you may be compensated:

  • Medical costs you already owe include ambulance, emergency room, doctor’s office, surgery, hospitalization, rehabilitative treatment, and other services.
  • Any future medical expenditures you’re likely to incur as a consequence of your injuries
  • Lost wages as a result of the injury
  • Expected lost income from work in the future if you are forced to cut your hours or cease working owing to your injuries.
  • Suffering and pain

An attorney may collaborate with a team of investigators to discover the exact extent of any damages you may be due or may owe in the future. If the reasons for the car accident are in dispute (which they most likely will be), an attorney’s investigation team may help. An car accident might include several parties, and the true reasons for an accident aren’t always clear on the surface.

What if, for example, a driver unexpectedly drove into your motorway lane without signaling? Although the other car may seem to be plainly at fault to you, what if the other driver informs the authorities that he did signal but that no signal was given?

These cases often come down to the facts and a “swearing match” between the parties. In the end, having an experienced attorney on your side will give you the upper hand in establishing your case.

After a car accident, victims may believe that bargaining with the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster is an easy procedure. You could believe that since your leg was broken and you handed in a doctor’s bill, the insurance company would automatically reimburse you if you weren’t at fault.


The adjuster is in business to earn money, no matter how kind and compassionate they seem to be or how quickly they respond to your calls. They employ a straightforward approach: the claim with the lowest payout is the best.

Negotiating with an insurance provider is not easy. You must keep in mind that you are just one person with little expertise with insurance claims and that the insurance company has been doing this for decades.

Their whole business strategy revolves around decreasing your claim, and they know all the techniques and maneuvers to do so. Insurance firms are well-trained, and they educate their adjusters on reducing compensation for wounded people.

It’s fairly unusual for folks who have been shaking up in a car accident to say things like “I’m so sorry!” in the moments after a collision.

In your perspective, you were only being kind, but in the eyes of the other individuals involved, you’ve just assigned blame for the mishap. Such remarks might be considered accepting blame for the disaster; otherwise, why should you be sorry?

And that’s just one strategy used by insurance companies. They have the option of hiring their investigators to attempt to show that you were to blame for the accident.

Insurance companies sometimes begin with a modest offer, much below the value of your injuries, in the hopes that you may need the money or just want to put the event behind you. It’s a strategy known as lowballing.

They might also postpone payment of the claim. Unfortunately, suppose you get behind on your payments. In that case, particularly if you are unable to work due to the injury, they will not hesitate to utilize the delay to persuade you to accept their lowball offer.

A qualified attorney may relieve you of stress in a variety of ways. To begin, they may be able to assist you in obtaining treatment under a lien or “letter of protection,” allowing you to get medical care without having to pay your costs until the case is resolved. We also negotiate with the corporation and are familiar with their techniques.


Second, we look into your claim to make sure we’re all on the same page about how much it’s worth. The cost of treatment for a fractured limb may run into thousands of dollars, particularly if there are any complications.

Third, we may investigate the accident to determine if the defendants’ allegations regarding who and what caused the accident are accurate or deceptive. Give us a call now to learn more about why you should consult an attorney before contacting an insurance provider.


Your first feelings after the death of a loved one in a car accident are likely to be sadness and despair. Someone who may have strolled out the door whistling one morning may abruptly disappear. For you and your family, it’s a tragedy.

On the other hand, the law understands that an injury or damage that results in death has both financial and emotional ramifications. Consequently, survivors are now able to sue for both economic and emotional damages.

A wrongful death lawsuit is the name of the legal claim. These claims are similar to personal injury lawsuits. The injured plaintiff must demonstrate that the responsible party was negligent and so accountable for the death or injuries that caused the death.

However, wrongful death law has its own set of difficulties. Who may file a wrongful death lawsuit and what sorts of damages a survivor might obtain are both governed by particular standards. On these matters, the law in each state differs somewhat.

Fortunately, we can assist you or refer you to associated legal firms in most states as a nationwide business. Please contact us to see whether you have a case, regardless of your location.


You deserve strong and dedicated representation if you or a loved one has been wounded in an car accident caused by a careless motorist. Your injuries, caused by other drivers’ recklessness on the road, should not have a long-term detrimental influence on your life.

Why’s only one of the reasons that obtaining compensation is critical to your recovery: justice (along with some financial assistance to cover medical bills) is necessary to ensure that you are made whole, and reckless drivers who pollute our roads are held responsible.

It is difficult to hold these people responsible. You’ll need an experienced expert to stand by your side, fight for you and your family, and ensure that every cent of your damages is recovered.

Your personal injury lawyer will be able to walk you through the whole legal procedure from beginning to end. Many car accident victims are unaware of how long the recovery process may be.

Before they know it, they’re scrambling to meet deadlines, arguing with physicians about what constitutes a serious injury, and getting the runaround from giant insurance corporations obsessed with their bottom line.

A good car accident lawyer will always prioritize your needs. There really is no scenario where a personal injury attorney will not improve your chances of getting an awesome settlement you deserve and ensuring justice is done following a car accident in Colorado Springs.

Contact a licensed personal injury attorney to ensure you receive the justice you deserve if you need further assistance in the aftermath of a car accident.


Every year, there are more than 400,000 car accidents in Colorado. It’s impossible to say why these incidents happen, yet there are certain repeating ones:
In most car accidents, human error is to blame, and rollovers are no exception. There must be some kind of forceful collision or rapid movement from the driver for an car to roll over. Single-car accidents account for over 85 percent of all deaths in rollover crashes.

Many car accidents are caused by just one car. Sudden movements by the driver, collisions with animals, or debris on the road are the most common causes of these accidents.


This occurs when the car in front of you rams into the back of yours. The at-fault motorist may not have been paying attention, underestimated where to stop, or severe weather may have affected the roads.


These incidents are also known as broadside collisions and usually occur at junctions.


The severity of a side-impact collision depends on where your car is impacted. About a quarter of all people killed in car accidents in the United States die in these kinds of collisions.

Collisions in which two cars collide head-on are known as ‘head on’ collisions. Because of the sheer intensity of the collision, these incidents often end in fatalities. These mishaps are the consequence of intoxicated or distracted driving, as well as bad road conditions.

Whatever the source of your injuries, you should consult with an experienced Colorado car accident attorney as soon as possible. You don’t have to be concerned about how you’ll pay your payments. While you concentrate on getting well, we’ll take care of business.


The sort of car accident you’re involved in has a significant impact on the degree and type of injuries you experience. Injuries sustained in an car collision are, on the whole, distinct from each other.

Regardless of how slight or serious your injuries seem, you have a right to have your car accident injury claim evaluated by an experienced lawyer. Your injuries may need a lifetime of medical treatment, many surgeries, and extensive rehabilitation if they are serious enough. All of these scenarios will cost you a lot of money. As a result, you should not be held liable for the expenditures related to your injuries since you weren’t at fault.

An experienced Colorado car accident injury lawyer may be of assistance in this situation. Because we’ve helped so many other Floridians recover from such awful and traumatizing events, we believe we can assist you, too.


Your physical and monetary recovery is heavily influenced by your initial post-accident actions. When you’ve been hurt in a car accident, here’s what we recommend you do first.


However, this may sound obvious, but many individuals who have been in a car accident are ashamed and want to get out of it as fast as possible, even if they weren’t at fault. No matter what, phoning 911 and being on the site will be beneficial to your case.

Arriving officers will undertake a brief investigation into the accident, and although they may not assign responsibility, it is probable that a diagram will be created to suggest who is to blame.


To get immediate medical attention, dialing 911 gives you the option of being seen by a doctor or nurse. Getting medical attention as soon as possible for any injuries you may have is critical to your recovery.

You may also be checked for more severe injuries, which may need hospitalization or surgery, by the on-site medical staff. If your injuries are severe, you should seek emergency medical attention.


If your injuries are serious, you may need the assistance of a trusted family member or friend to take photographs for you. All the cars involved in the collision, as well as your injuries, should be documented in photos. Both your physical and financial well-being may benefit greatly from the use of these photographs.


This should be simple if you weren’t at blame for the accident. Then there are some who say something relatively innocuous, such, “I’m sorry this occurred,” or “I just glanced down.” These remarks may be seen as an admission of guilt, which might have a negative impact on your ability to collect damages.


The everyday details of your pain and healing will fade from your memory over time. You may preserve your rehabilitation journey for the judge by maintaining a daily notebook in which you document your symptoms, pain levels, and any gains or setbacks you’ve encountered along the way. This will aid in the healing process.



You must prove that the other motorist is responsible for your injuries in order to get compensation for them. Because of this, you’ll need to prove that he or she caused the accident. People tend to underestimate the complexity of the situation.

In an car collision, it’s difficult to determine who’s at fault. The vast majority of drivers, even if they know they caused an accident, will not instantly exit their car and apologize for it. A thorough investigation that goes beyond what is done by the police is required in the majority of car accidents.

As a result of the recklessness of others, we have investigated innumerable Colorado car accidents on behalf of our clients. Our goal in doing this is to ensure that the proper party is held accountable for your injuries and that all possible parties are considered.

Be prepared for a lengthy inquiry. There must be a thorough investigation, including the inspection of police records, security footage, and potentially even witness interviews.


The majority of car accidents aren’t caused only by the driver. The great majority of the time, someone else is to blame for your current circumstance. This indicates that if the other motorist had been paying attention or not driving carelessly, your injuries might have been completely prevented.

Accidents involving cars may sometimes look like straightforward claims to handle. That driver’s insurance will pay for your medical expenses since you were injured in a car accident. Insurance companies don’t want to pay out because it hurts their bottom lines, and that complicates things.

Consequently, you should seek compensation for your pain and suffering by enlisting the services of a car accident lawyer. Loss of companionship and emotional suffering.


When seeking compensation for your car accident injuries, take into account future medical costs. A quick glance at your kitchen table’s medical bills will show you how much money you’ve already spent. An expert’s study is required to accurately predict your long-term medical requirements.

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may face a lengthy rehabilitation period. This might need several operations, extra hospitalization, or perhaps long-term medical care.
One of the most priceless assets you may have is the presence of an experienced lawyer who will vigorously defend your interests without requiring you to pay anything out of your wallet.


Even if you’ve been wounded in a car accident, not all insurance providers will be looking out for your best interests. A representative from the at-fault driver’s insurance company will contact you shortly after the accident to settle your claim.

Perhaps this excites you. It’s possible that you’ve lost your job and that your medical expenditures are mounting quickly. Money is essential. Insurers are well aware of this fact as well. That’s why they’re making these lowball settlement proposals so quickly. The issue you’ll have is that the offer is unlikely to pay any further costs.

This lowball settlement offer comes with a caveat: You forfeit your ability to file a claim against the insurance company if you discover that it doesn’t cover all of your expenditures after signing it. That point has already passed.

This has happened before, and we don’t want it to happen to you. The only way to prevent this unfortunate situation is to have a knowledgeable Colorado personal injury lawyer analyze all settlement proposals. We don’t want to see you footing the bill for medical bills you weren’t responsible for inflicting.


Your best bet is to work with a respected, experienced, and capable Colorado personal injury legal company while pursuing compensation for your car accident injuries.

  • What are some of the questions you may ask?
  • Is the legal practice able to manage your case financially?
  • Are they open to taking any kind of case, or do they specialize in personal injury?
  • How much personal injury litigation experience does the lawyer assigned to your case have?
  • How much money does the legal firm have for personal injury cases?

These questions are crucial because you want to know whether the law company can manage a personal injury claim. Car accident claims aren’t as simple as they seem, despite how simple they may appear.

Exhaustive investigations, evaluation of police and medical data; expert witness evidence; depositions; settlement discussions; even trial experience are required for a successful car accident case.

Car accident injury victims should not have to worry about how they will pay their fees. Let your car accident lawyer handle that while you concentrate on your physical recovery and give it all you’ve got.

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