Speeding is a Factor in Most Colorado Springs Car Accidents

Written by Jeremy D. Earle, JD

June 17, 2023

Colorado Springs Speeding Accident Attorney

More than half of all fatal car accidents in Colorado Springs are caused or contributed to by speeding. Ignoring established speed restrictions and colliding with other cars, pedestrians, or bikers is unacceptable. Serious injuries may financially wreck people’s lives and destroy families.

A Colorado Springs car accident lawyer could assist you if you were injured in a car accident caused by a speeding motorist while driving in or near Colorado Springs. As quickly as possible, contact a lawyer to examine your legal alternatives.


Many drivers may—or may not—admit to exceeding the official speed limit on the accelerator. On the other hand, excessive speeding puts drivers and others on the road in grave danger.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the following are the main reasons why people speed:


Being late for work, a date, or an appointment is a typical reason for speeding.


Feelings of invincibility might be induced by the safety and comfort of one’s car.


Some drivers speed just to satisfy their wants rather than the safety of others.

More than simply, a speeding ticket might follow from a major collision caused by a speeding motorist. Individuals trapped in the path of an out-of-control car may get serious injuries or perhaps die.


A Colorado Springs car accident law company can assist you in fighting for compensation if a speeding motorist has caused you or a loved one substantial damage. More than simply, your medical bills might be included in your damages. Consider a free case consultation immediately to examine the circumstances of your accident and ensure that you fight for the best potential result. Our Colorado Springs attorneys can assist you in determining if you are eligible for compensation. Don’t let the money you’re owed slip through your fingers!


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding may result in: Car swerves out of control

The effectiveness of occupant safety equipment has deteriorated. When a threat is detected, a longer stopping distance is required. Severe injuries as a consequence of increased crash severity

These are just a few reasons why speeding is risky. Even though these reasons are self- evident, far too many Colorado Springs drivers feel they can speed safely. Everyone is in danger of life-altering injuries and death due to this kind of irresponsible and aggressive driving.

No one can anticipate unexpected actions by other cars or a fast driver’s likely preoccupation. A motorist may lose control of their car in a fraction of a second and collide with another car, pedestrian, or bike. A fast motorist may collide with a fixed obstacle, such as a barrier or median, and lose control of the car.

An out-of-control, speeding car is impossible to avoid. You may feel overwhelmed in the aftermath of such an event as you deal with pain and worry.

Your medical bills and other losses should be paid by the careless motorist who caused your injuries. A car accident lawyer in Colorado Springs will try to agree with the driver’s insurance company. Most insurance companies will try hard to keep your Colorado Springs car accident claim out of court because they do not want to spend the time and money required in a trial.


Soon after the accident, an insurance adjuster may phone or visit you. The adjuster would most likely try to agree with you by giving you a lump sum payment.


When you’re worried about your costs, an early settlement offer from an insurance provider might be enticing. Serious injuries might make it difficult—or impossible—to return to work, but just because you stopped working doesn’t mean your expenses stopped coming. In reality, additional medical expenditures might soon build up to become more than you can handle.

The stress of your circumstances may cause you to make a bad judgment, such as accepting an insurance company’s first offer. The offer may put money in your bank account, but it is unlikely that the funds would cover your accident-related long-term expenses.

A catastrophic injury may result from a sideswipe, rear-end, side-impact, or head-on accident. Accepting a settlement offer now and later experiencing medical difficulties is a terrible mix. You won’t be able to submit another claim or civil action for more money if you accept the settlement offer.

This is why, when it comes to settlements, you must be cautious and aware. The insurance industry is a big business that earns money by underpaying or not paying accident victims at all! The actions of insurance companies to safeguard their profits may prevent you from getting full reimbursement for your injuries, which is unjust to you.

Accepting the insurance payment, which may seem like a smart option at the moment, may come back to haunt you later if your medical condition worsens. Leave the legal complications to an experienced expert; the trauma of the accident and the enormous life changes that follow it are enough to cope with.

A car accident lawyer in Colorado Springs can fight for the compensation you deserve, not the amount the insurance company wants to give you. An insurance company may even accuse you of causing the accident.

With a Colorado Springs car accident attorney on your side, you can be confident that your lawyer will fight tirelessly to establish the negligent driver’s responsibility.

You should not be responsible for your fees and any damages if a speeding motorist caused your collision. This necessitates putting in a lot of effort and sticking to your guns when pursuing a car accident claim and lawsuit in Colorado Springs. Consider saying no to insurance companies and yes to a free case consultation with a qualified Colorado Springs car accident attorney near you.


While the future cannot be predicted, major injuries may result in long-term expenditures and permanent incapacity. Paying for the care you or a loved one needs might put you in a financial bind fast.

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation estimates that the lifelong expenses of living with a spinal cord injury may be in the millions of dollars. Specialized equipment, such as a


power chair and housing adaptations to accommodate the chair, are expensive. The cost of replacing the chair over time and other costs might soon become overwhelming.

Aside from the long-term expenses of a spinal cord injury, there are also the costs of injuries such as:


Normal brain activity may be disrupted by a bump, blow, jolt, or penetrating head injury. Memory, movement, behavior, and feeling may all be affected in a TBI sufferer. Long-term rehabilitation, therapies, prescription drugs, and other treatments may be required for this sort of damage. You may need to put your loved one in a skilled nursing facility if they need more care than you can supply. The accountable party, not you, should pay for this costly choice.


A fast driver’s forceful collision might result in multiple fractured bones. Depending on the kind of break, you may need extensive physical therapy and surgery and help with everyday duties.


If you are involved in an accident caused by a fast motorist, you may get internal damage. Consider fighting for compensation if you had internal bleeding due to your injury, as determined by a medical specialist.


A pedestrian, bicycle, or motorcyclist who suffers from road rash due to a fast car may have a difficult time recovering. Severe road rash may damage many layers of the skin. It may get infected if not handled appropriately.


A car fire caused by a severe accident may need plastic surgery and painful skin grafts for the sufferer. Severe burns sometimes need intensive counseling to address the emotional and psychological repercussions of the damage.

These instances show how a fast motorist may drastically alter your life. If your quality of life has been permanently altered due to a motorist who disobeyed traffic regulations, consider seeking compensation for your losses.



Each car accident in Colorado Springs is unique, as are the claims and lawsuits that result from it.

Accident victims are often subjected to the following categories of losses:


The charges of your hospital stay as well as doctor’s fees.


These are long-term care costs, such as rehabilitation and treatments.


The wages you could not earn while healing from your injury.


The amount of money you could make if your injuries were serious enough that you couldn’t return to your former job.


The entire mental misery you’ve had as a result of the accident, as well as any connected consequences.

If a loved one died due to a speeding motorist, you might want to consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit. As long as your connection with the dead fits court standards, an expert attorney can assist you in filing a claim and lawsuit.

A fast motorist who causes a death must be held responsible for his or her conduct. Whether the motorist obtains a ticket or is charged with a crime, they must compensate you for your losses.

The untimely death of a loved one may completely flip your life upside down. We understand that pursuing a wrongful death claim will not be enough to replace the emptiness left by the death of a loved one. A legal claim, on the other hand, may be able to give you the monetary compensation you want for:

The last medical costs of a loved one.

The expenses of their burial or service, if applicable.

Wages lost if your loved one worked to support you and your family.


The possibility of your loved one losing future wages if they survive their injury. Surviving children will be deprived of their inheritance.

Intimacy and companionship are lost.

In Colorado, wrongful death claims are complicated and should only be handled by qualified, experienced lawyers. A wrongful death lawyer recognizes how difficult this time is for you and your family. Good lawyers will treat you with care as they discover more about your loved one’s injury.

Your family owes justice to a fast motorist who failed to exercise care and broke the regulations of the road. While compensation is never guaranteed, obtaining it with the assistance of an attorney may give you hope at a difficult time.


You probably have a busy calendar of appointments and procedures, all of which make you feel stressed. Even though you may consider hiring a lawyer, you continue to put it off.

When pursuing a civil action, keep in mind that time is important. The statute of limitations does not wait for anybody; car accident and wrongful death lawsuits in Colorado Springs must be filed within two years after the accident or death.

Two years fly by while you recuperate or grieve your loss. Missing the deadline for filing your case is not an option, and it is something that a good lawyer would not allow.

The sooner you contact a law firm for free case consultation, the sooner you may start the legal process. You may feel alone in this battle, but hiring a lawyer might help you feel more prepared to go to court and confront the at-fault party (or parties).


You probably don’t anticipate the effect of a fast motorist on your life. A simple trip to the supermarket or a daily journey to work may quickly become fatal. Drivers with a Colorado driver’s license must follow all traffic rules, regulations, and laws.

If a speeding motorist has seriously injured you or a loved one, or if you have lost a close loved one, carefully consider your next actions. You may feel more at ease knowing that you have legal choices by contacting a Colorado Springs area attorney for a free case consultation.

How you handle the aftermath of your accident will significantly influence your future. Help is available if you are hesitant about accepting a settlement offer or don’t grasp the statute of limitations. To learn more about how retaining legal counsel may help you seek


compensation and justice, contact a Colorado Springs car accident and wrongful death attorney immediately.

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