Average Settlements for Neck and Back Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents

Written by Jeremy D. Earle, JD

May 29, 2023

How Much Money Can I Get for a Back or Neck Injury?

If you’ve been in a car accident and suffered a neck or back injury, you need to know your rights. You may be entitled to compensation to cover medical expenses, compensate you for pain and suffering, and even assist you in the making up for lost earning potential.

For car accident victims, neck and back injuries may be life-changing; you must seek the compensation you deserve for your injuries following an accident! Knowing the averages and ranges for the monetary damage factors following a car accident may assist you in better understanding your rights. Contact an expert car accident attorney at warrior, injury accident lawyers, to discuss your case.

Every year, thousands of people suffer neck and back injuries due to car accidents. According to the national highway traffic safety administration, approximately 2.5 million people are injured in car accidents each year. Unfortunately, you are not alone if you or a loved one has been victim of such situations.

The settlement process may be stressful and unclear for many car accident victims. It’s just one of the many reasons why working with a skilled car accident lawyer may make all the difference in your case. Courts are eager to compensate car accident victims. Still, you must know what to show them, who to speak to, and what the other motorist in your accident did wrong to win, and an experienced car accident attorney may make all the difference.


You have a right to know how much money you may anticipate if you seek compensation. The good news is that most car accident victims may collect adequate damages to meet medical bills and other financial obligations in the aftermath of the accident, as well as monetary damages for pain and suffering.


You may be unclear how to go about getting compensation for intangible losses. Victims with neck and back injuries frequently suffer more than simply financial losses following a car accident. If your damage has taken away your pleasure of life or your productivity, you are entitled to the monies that were taken from you.

Crushed cars and the loss of human life in car accidents that they watch on the news or other media captivate the audience. Most people don’t see the profound sadness, rage, and loss that victims feel when their talents and well-being are injured, even in “daily” car accidents that don’t make the news. You have the right to seek compensation for damages if your car accident impacted the way you make money or caused you pain.

Car accidents cost more than one trillion dollars in lost productivity and lives every year! A car accident, neck or back injury has life-altering consequences that should never be underestimated. You are entitled to just compensation in court for your injuries. We advise you to stop if you’re starting to question the accident’s influence on your life, health, or well-being. You may join the millions of americans who obtain compensation each year for the life-changing consequences of a car accident.

Many car accident victims are unsure of what kind of damages they may pursue. The amount of compensation you receive is determined by the severity of your injuries, the nature of your accident, and the skills of your car accident attorney. Medical fees (including expected future medical expenses) incurred due to the car accident are among the most typical damages given in settlements. Medical costs from the past may also be paid. Medical equipment, transportation fees (if you were taken by ambulance from the accident site), and other comparable expenditures are often recoverable.

lost income to compensate for any money you were (or are) unable to earn via normal work

discomfort and suffering and mental agony to compensate for both physical and mental pain caused by the car accident

reduced earning potential if your capacity to make money has been injured due to your neck and back issues.

disfigurement if you have lasting scars or other disfigurements as a result of the accident

disability if the accident prevents you from walking, running, or moving as freely as you could before the accident

car repair, towing, and other comparable services

Damages like this may mount up quickly in terms of money! Depending on the jurisdiction and insurance coverage, the typical amount of compensation for a less severe injury may only be between fifteen and thirty thousand dollars. The severity of your injury, the circumstances of your case, the jurisdiction (where the accident occurred), and other variables will all influence your recovery. Hiring an expert car accident lawyer to assist you to battle the insurance company is the one thing you can do to ensure that your recovery is at the highest end of the spectrum imaginable. Remember that the insurance adjuster has to give you the lowest amount possible, and they are compensated depending on how successfully they can exploit you.


The settlement procedure differs from one state to the next. Unfortunately, other drivers are careless no matter where you are in the nation. That means each state must be ready to receive, investigate, and rule on car accident reports and payouts. Your lawyer will be able to assist you in negotiating a settlement and will function as a trusted advisor while you work toward a resolution.


It’s usually a good idea to contact the cops as soon as possible to file a police report for your car collision. It aids in protecting you from the other parties, their insurance companies, and their legal counsel. Even if you’re undecided about seeking compensation, paperwork might make or break your case in the future.


This is undoubtedly one of the most crucial actions to do after an car accident. Even if you got emergency medical care on the spot, you should still consult a doctor following your accident. Even those admitted to the hospital may wish to follow up on their injuries after they have been released.

Many neck and back injuries caused by car accidents go unnoticed until they become more serious. It’s very uncommon for an injury to be invisible to the human eye at first but subsequently reveal itself to be a crippling and chronic problem for the sufferer.

The outcome of your therapy and the findings of a medical practitioner might significantly impact your settlement. Make careful to ask a doctor about anything you don’t understand, and attempt to get medical documentation as you go. It will make gathering and evaluating papers and data simpler in the future.


Contact a reputable attorney as soon as possible after receiving medical treatment. Don’t be frightened to look into car accident attorneys; you deserve to discover a partner who will fight for your rights in court. The other driver(s) involved in your collision may appear in court with vehement arguments and defamatory explanations. You will need the assistance of a knowledgeable and sympathetic legal expert throughout the procedure.

When should you engage a personal injury lawyer after a car accident? It’s advisable to get an attorney as quickly as possible after filing a lawsuit. It aids you in carving a more obvious route ahead in your quest for compensation, and the choices you make in the days after your accident may significantly influence the amount of money you may collect in the long run. Your auto accident lawyer will be able to advise you on who to seek counsel, documents, and treatment from.


You may start the claims procedure after you’ve worked with a car accident lawyer and handled it with insurance. Prepare to provide your lawyer with a large amount of information and paperwork. Any evidence you feel will support your compensation claim is crucial to your case. Your lawyer will also inform you of whatever documents and papers they need.

At the very least, most victims should have:

medical bills and invoices for any associated costs (although most attorneys will be able to obtain these on your behalf.)

receipts for out-of-pocket charges such as towing

financial information, such as pay stubs, benefits information, and so on. earning potential is expected to be lowered.

Don’t forget that your situation is one-of-a-kind! It’s all about you now! Your attorney may request documentation that isn’t on this list. If they do, feel free to inquire more before signing any documentation. If your car accident lawyer is looking out for your best interests, they will gladly explain everything to you.


Most likely, you’re on the lookout for any way to help the claims procedure go more smoothly. Most individuals struggle to withstand endless phone tag battles with insurance companies, physicians, and other parties involved in a car accident settlement.

Partnering with a compassionate, competent, and trustworthy personal injury attorney is a simple method to reduce your burden and streamline payment.

Choosing to engage with a lawyer may considerably improve your chances of achieving a favourable settlement. It also provides a great deal of peace of mind; wouldn’t it be great to know that someone you can trust would fight for the compensation you deserve?

You have a legal right to seek damages if you or a loved one has suffered neck and back injuries due to an car accident. Your ability to comprehend your legal rights will be crucial throughout the legal procedure. It’s just one of the many reasons you should choose a car accident lawyer who looks out for your best interests.


When choosing a reputable car accident attorney, many victims are concerned. You’re not alone if you’re worried about the process of selecting a lawyer. Fortunately,

the present paradigm for providing legal services differs significantly from a few years ago. Many of today’s car accident lawyers allow prospective customers to schedule consultations and sign up for assistance over the phone or online.

Many personal injury firms now employ large teams. These lawyers and legal experts have a combined expertise of decades. Firms strive to make sure that clients are paired with the finest car accident attorney for their specific case since these teams are comprised of justice-driven and seasoned specialists.

Face-to-face meetings, cumbersome journeys to their offices, and an excessive amount of time spent managing paperwork in person fail to provide the customised attention that victims demand, and they may be technologically behind the times. A current, up-to-date, and successful personal injury law company may be able to get a significant settlement for a client without the client ever having to visit the lawyer’s office (unless they want to!).

Meeting with a potential legal firm should be straightforward. You’ll gain the benefits of a flexible partner in your endeavour to obtain the money you’re entitled if you choose a client-oriented business.

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