Accident Reconstruction in a Semi-Truck Accident Claim

Accident Reconstruction in a Truck Accident

Written by Jeremy D. Earle, JD

March 4, 2023


Since insurance companies and trucking companies are so large and profitable, they will conceal evidence and try to cover up liability. This is why we often will retain an in accident reconstruction specialist to prove what happened and that you are not at-fault. Our truck accident lawyers are experts in brining truck accident lawsuits and know how to protect the integrity of your injury claim.

Semi-truck collisions are not only more dangerous than car collisions, but they may also be far more complicated. Semi-truck accidents, in compared to car accidents, are more likely to result in serious injury and property damage, and they may be caused by a variety of circumstances.

These variables may vary from faulty truck equipment to driver errors in steering, and in many cases, a hazardous truck collision will come from the combination of numerous factors.

Many people might be seriously hurt or even killed as a consequence of a semi-truck collision, also known as a tractor trailer accident. Semi-truck accidents may result in significant property damage and can significantly interrupt a person’s life.

Those who have been injured in a car accident caused by someone else may be able to receive compensation for their losses.

In trying to seek compensation for their injuries in a semi-truck accident lawsuit, a plaintiff may discover that their truck accident is much more complicated than they expected. Accident reconstruction is one method that may be effective in discovering the cause and source of a semi-truck accident’s carelessness.


An accident reconstruction is carried out in order to better understand what happened in the event of an accident. This reconstruction is a thorough examination carried out by professionals who make use of all available data and information about the accident. These accident reconstruction professionals can recreate the accident using data from sources such as a semi-truck black box and the accident scene.

All types of relevant facts that might help with an accident claim can be derived from this accident reconstruction. The most crucial piece of information is usually the accident’s root cause, but additional details such as the quantity of the damage, how the damage was produced, and other contributing accident elements may also be highly useful.

Accident reconstruction is possible not just for semi-truck collisions, but also for other types of motor car collisions including motorcycles and cars.


In order to fill in the gaps of what really happened, accident reconstruction relies extensively on any and all accessible data. Reconstruction specialists use a number of ways to connect the dots in order to fill in the gaps of what happened during an accident.

The evidence is first gathered from the accident site. Reconstruction may be aided by tire skid markings, debris, and photographs or video of the collision.

More information is gathered from sources such as a semi-black truck’s box, which records information such as speed, location, and braking. Passenger cars have also begun to incorporate crash report technology, which captures data that may be used in accident reconstruction.

The accident is reconstructed using technology and methodologies that take information like direction, car speed, and location and calculate the physical forces involved to establish the circumstances of an accident. The rebuilt accident may then be presented via diagrams, animation, or a model, all of which can be supported by professional commentary to portray the results as precisely and clearly as possible.


When a large number of victims of a semi-truck accident file a lawsuit against the party responsible for their injuries, the defendant party often denies their responsibility and sometimes blame in the case. They may also challenge the extent of an accident’s damages or the plaintiff’s participation in the accident. An accident recreation can assist you in resolving any disagreements and strengthening your case for compensation.


The use of an accident reconstruction as evidence may assist to illustrate a responsible party’s carelessness more clearly. It may also more effectively link such a party’s wrongdoing to your damage, allowing you to establish a stronger case.

Complementing a semi-truck accident reconstruction with cold hard facts and figures that indicate an impartial recreation of events may assist to remove some of the competing stories of an accident that may emerge from either side of a claim.

While a semi-truck accident reconstruction may be extremely valuable, there is a time and place for it and a time and place for it not to be used. An attorney who has handled truck accident cases before will know when to employ a truck accident reconstruction and how to effectively apply it so that your claim has the highest chance of success.

A collision involving a large truck, semi-truck, or tractor trailer may be much more dangerous and difficult than a collision involving smaller cars. These kind of collisions often result in more severe injuries as well as extensive property damage.

A large truck collision may be caused by a variety of circumstances. These causes might range from poor steering to faulty car components and more. An attorney for a truck accident will seek to illustrate precisely what transpired in this sort of event.

Reconstructing the truck accident is one of the most usual ways an expert truck accident attorney would accomplish this. An expert semi-truck accident attorney can typically optimize the compensation for the wounded client by applying accident reconstruction methods.


truck accident attorney will reconstruct an accident in order to assist everyone involved in the case understand precisely what transpired. A semi-truck accident reconstruction is intended to provide truck accident specialists a complete study.

It is made up of all of the available facts and information about the accident. This is why it is critical that you deal with an attorney that has expertise gathering all relevant facts from your accident in order to recreate the event effectively.


A large truck accident reconstruction can provide a wealth of facts that may help with an accident claim. It has the ability to clearly show the reason of an accident. This is sometimes regarded as the most crucial part of the rebuilding.

It may also include information on other parts of the accident, such as the level of the accident’s damage, the source of the damage, and any other circumstances that may have contributed to the accident, among other things.

Your truck accident lawyer will be able to convey these facts to the insurance adjuster, a judge, or a jury in a straightforward and concise manner. When choosing a legal representative, all truck accident victims should look for someone who has handled large truck accidents and truck accident reconstructions.


All sorts of car collisions are most often reconstructed using the Conservation of Inertia (COI) approach. It is a frequently utilized way for providing reconstructions between cars of various sizes.

The COI is excellent at displaying the causes of impact as well as any departure angles. The Conservation of Energy (COE) approach is another fairly accurate strategy for accidents involving big cars and autos. It demonstrates how energy is transmitted from a massive truck to a smaller car, resulting in tragic consequences.


Crash speed is an important consideration in heavy truck rebuilding. Car movements must be examined prior to an accident in order to ascertain pre-crash speeds. Skid marks may be used to calculate speeds, although it’s more difficult with a huge car. There are a few things that must be established.

  • It must be established which tires caused the skid marks.
  • It is necessary to determine if the axle on the trailer or the driving axle was damaged.
  • The amount of time it takes for the air brakes in the truck’s rear to activate once the brake pedal is applied.
  • If a trailer followed the tractor or came to a complete halt.
  • If the brakes on a truck are out of adjustment or not working correctly.
  • If the trailer and truck have anti-lock brakes.
  • Weight distribution on the car, as well as changes in weight distribution when braking from a high center of gravity.
  • Determining the truck’s braking drag coefficient.
  • Why If further sophisticated drag calculations for each wheel are required, or if the car may be treated as a single unit.


When the semi-truck accident reconstruction is finished, it may be presented via animation, diagrams, and a model, with specialists commenting on their findings. Working with an experienced truck accident lawyer who knows how to present a truck accident reconstruction in a straightforward and concise manner will help you maximize your payout.


When dealing with a commercial trucking firm, the plaintiff’s claims about the accident are often challenged. They may contest the cause of the accident, as well as the harm that resulted from it, as well as their own participation in the accident.

A large truck accident reconstruction may show exactly what occurred during the collision. Reconstruction of a large truck accident might resolve any disagreements and support a plaintiff’s claim for compensation.

A trucking business will, in most situations, have access to skilled attorneys, accident investigators, and other professionals. They are familiar with truck accidents and can return to work right after if one occurs.

One of the most crucial components of dealing with a large truck accident is hiring an experienced truck accident attorney to deal with insurance companies and truck company lawyers. Your truck accident lawyer will know how to safeguard and defend your rights, as well as how to assist you in obtaining reasonable compensation.


When you have a qualified attorney on your side, you have a far better chance of winning your accident claim. Not only will your claim be more likely to succeed, but an attorney may also assist you in negotiating a considerably greater payment than you could on your own.

Even after accounting for a lawyer’s fee, settlements won in cases handled by a lawyer are consistently higher than those obtained when someone handles a claim on their own. When it comes to obtaining compensation for losses such as lost income, disability, and pain and suffering, there is no alternative for professional expertise.

If you or a loved one suffers physical injuries as a consequence of a truck accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Take advantage of your risk-free, no-obligation consultation with Warrior Truck Accident Lawyers, your leading personal injury and truck accident attorneys in the Tampa Bay region.

Our attorneys will be delighted to talk with you about your accident and the legal alternatives open to you. They are here to fight for your right to drive your car safely, and they can tell you whether you have a personal injury claim under Colorado law.

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