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Brain Injury from Car Accident in Colorado Springs


There are several sorts of accidents when head damage is frequent. A brain injury may have long-term, life-altering repercussions on some victims, while others can achieve a full recovery.

Warrior Law’s catastrophic injury lawyers often witness brain damage. Our legal company has compensated clients who have suffered brain injuries due to someone else’s carelessness.

Contact Warrior Law for a free consultation at 719-300-1100 if you or someone in your family has suffered brain damage in an accident and want to discuss your legal rights. There are several areas in Colorado Springs where our brain injury attorneys can help.


The most common cause of brain injury is a direct physical impact. Traumatic brain damage, or TBI, is the outcome. Penetrating lesions to the brain are also included in the list of types of brain injuries known as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Oxygen deprivation, electrocution, and other medical disorders may harm the brain.


TBIs are more common in Colorado Springs than in any other city, according to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. The state has about 4,200 deaths and over 5,700 lifelong disabilities caused by TBIs per year.

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Dependent on the kind and degree of damage, the symptoms a person with a brain injury may experience vary widely. In addition, some symptoms appear immediately after the injury and go away on their own, while others might have long-term ramifications.

In the near term, brain damage may have the following physical and mental effects:

Consciousness has been lost.

  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Distorted perception
  • Tingling in the ears (ringing in the ears with no direct cause)
  • Alterations to one’s sleep schedule
  • Mood alterations
  • Loss of recall
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Many of these symptoms may go away with time if the brain damage is categorized as moderate. Moderate and severe brain injuries may cause the symptoms to linger. Serious brain damage may have other long-term repercussions, such as:

  • Seizures
  • Infections, clots, and fluid accumulation around the brain are more likely (hydrocephalus)
  • Headaches caused by migraines
  • Impairments in hand-eye coordination
  • Loss of memory
  • Disabilities in mental processes such as a lack of memory, logic, impulse control, and focus
  • Speech difficulties
  • The ability to control one’s emotions might be an issue for certain people.
  • Insomnia

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) are all conditions that can be exacerbated by repeated or severe brain trauma.


Traumatic brain damage may occur in several ways. Examples that come to mind include:

Accidents involving motor vehicles, such as:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Traffic mishaps involving commercial motor vehicles
  • Fatalities on motorcycles
  • Bicycle crashes
  • Mishaps involving pedestrians
  • Falls
  • Injuries sustained while participating in sports
  • Assault in the physical sense
  • Incidents at the workplace (including construction accidents)

Ladders and scaffolding that collapse and electrical devices that don’t work are two examples of defective products.

Regardless of the cause, many people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury will require long-term medical treatment and rehabilitation.


Only rest and active monitoring of symptoms are necessary if someone suffers from a mild concussion. For those who have suffered a brain injury of moderate to severe severity and require immediate treatment, the process can be lengthy and require ongoing care for the rest of one’s life.

Many brain injury victims are prescribed medications to prevent seizures and reduce swelling and fluid buildup around the brain. A brain bleed, fractured skull, or another injury may necessitate surgery.

Interventions of this nature can be lengthy and expensive. However, it is important to note that medical attention does not end with emergency care. Long-term rehabilitation and therapy are the most difficult times for most people who have suffered a brain injury.

Following a brain injury, rehabilitation may include:

Therapy to rehabilitate mobility and fine motor skills

To refresh or learn new job-related skills, some people turn to Occupational Therapy or Speech therapy

Therapy with a psychiatrist to address changes in mental and emotional health.

Other professionals, such as social workers, may also play a role in rehabilitation. As well as assisting patients and their families in locating resources and facilities that may be helpful in their recovery, these professionals can also offer emotional and practical support to those affected by a brain injury and their loved ones.


Your family may be entitled to a large settlement in a brain injury lawsuit because of the extensive medical treatment and long-term effects of brain injuries. Your compensation is our top priority at Warrior Law.

Damages that may be eligible for compensation include:

Hospitalization and long-term rehabilitation costs are also included in medical expenses.

  • Estimated costs of therapy and medical treatment
  • Medications, home, and vehicle modifications, and other costs not covered by insurance
  • Wage reduction
  • Decrease in expected earnings
  • Suffering and pain
  • Disability
  • Emotional stress
  • Lack of advice and assistance from a group of people

In the worst-case circumstances, sufferers with brain injuries are unable to recover. A wrongful death claim may be filed on behalf of your family by Warrior Law to get compensation for the following types of losses:

  • a person’s last medical expenses before death
  • Due to the loss of salary and other financial aid
  • Cremation or burial costs, as well as funeral expenses.
  • Care, guidance, and collaboration might be lost as a result.
  • Anxiety and depression
  • The anguish of losing a loved one

Insurance firms often attempt to settle brain damage lawsuits for a fraction of their true value. Because of the long-term effects of TBIs and other kinds of brain damage, it is critical to speak with an attorney before accepting a settlement offer.

Brain injury sufferers and their families experience tremendous stress at Warrior Law. We can see the appeal of a settlement. Still, it is in your best interest to receive a comprehensive picture of the expenses you may incur and then work with competent lawyers dedicated to seeking the compensation you deserve.


In cases involving traumatic brain injury, the focus is often on the specifics of the victim’s injuries, such as their scope, severity, and duration. Damages are often the topic of significant debate and litigation, even though the severity of the harm and the defendant’s responsibility may be fully established.

You and/or a family member may have to go to court to get the money you need to address the medical, emotional, and financial consequences of a serious brain injury.

At Warrior Law, we have a long history of success in dealing with brain injury claims, and we can help you get the compensation you deserve. We have the resources to present a compelling argument on your behalf, including neurology and psychiatric specialists, as well as economists and financial planners who can demonstrate the long-term financial impact of an accident.

When recovering from a brain injury, you must also make sure that any other injuries you’ve sustained are properly attended to, such as whiplash, broken bones, crush injuries, amputations, eye injuries, vision loss, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, breast implant injuries, and so on.


Around 13.5 million individuals have impairments as a result of TBIs, according to the CDC, which estimates that at least 1.7 million people are affected by TBIs each year. About three out of four kinds of TBI, such as concussions, are considered mild.

These are some of the most prevalent occurrences in Colorado Springs when people get brain injuries:

  • Truck and 18-wheeler collisions
  • Motorcyclists’ injuries and deaths
  • There have been several incidents involving pedestrians.
  • Incidents on school buses
  • Distracted drivers
  • Injuries to children
  • A dog attacks and bites.

Victims and their families have a heavy financial burden regarding traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases. In 2000, the United States spent $76.5 billion on medical bills, lost productivity, and other brain injuries-related costs.


Dedicated to Serving the State of Colorado from Colorado Springs

Most people who have suffered a brain injury wish they could return in time. As a result, returning to one’s pre-injury life might be almost difficult for people who have suffered brain damage.

Many parents of children with brain injuries had characterized the healing process as “like going back to childhood” when they spoke about the duties they had to do for their children, such as changing their diapers and assisting them in taking a shower.

People who have suffered a brain injury and their loved ones struggle the most due to a lack of knowledge on how to deal with the condition and what actions are essential to rebuilding their lives. After leaving treatment, a guy said, he felt entirely alone.

Caregivers’ lives may be transformed just as profoundly as those who care for my brain injury. Caregiving for someone you care about after they’ve had head trauma may soon turn into full-time work, affecting not just their personal lives but also their professional and familial ones.

Most people who have suffered a brain injury know that rehabilitation is a long-term process. There is a good chance that you will be forced to relearn many bodily processes we take for granted. Physical therapy may be a great assistance when it comes to a brain injury, but the healing process might take years and thousands of dollars.


Damage to the brain may occur if blood or oxygen flow to the brain is disrupted for any cause, resulting in cognitive, sensory, or motor dysfunction. The term “acquired brain injury” refers to any such damage to the brain that can be traced back to a source other than a direct impact.

Certain types of asphyxiation, insufficient oxygen to tissue, or an area of deprivation owing to a lack of air access are the most prevalent reasons for acquired brain damage.


When you call Warrior Law, you will talk directly with an experienced and caring Colorado Springs Brain Injury Lawyer who will listen carefully, answer your concerns, and explain your rights and alternatives.

If we agree to work together, our legal team will immediately investigate your case to discover the cause of your brain damage and who should be held accountable. A skilled safety engineer or accident reconstruction expert is often needed in our Colorado Springs customers’ situations, which helps to strengthen your claim.

Call Niles Sneed if you need a Colorado Springs brain injury lawyer. Throughout his practice, Niles has dealt with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), including skull fractures, diffuse axonal injuries, concussions, and brain stem injuries.

Remember that you are not alone; over 70,000 people suffer long-term damage from these incidents, which affect 1.7 million Americans each year. To learn more about how we may help you and your family, please contact us right now.


As a result of prolonged oxygen deprivation, the acquired brain damage may be quite severe and irreversible. According to the Mayo Clinic, constant headaches to coma are among the possible symptoms. Acquired brain damage victims may face a variety of challenges, including the following:

  • Erasure of information
  • deterioration of motor function
  • A shift in mood or conduct
  • Loss of the ability to smell or taste
  • Sleep issues or an inability to eat.
  • Lack of concentration
  • Difficulty forming sentences

Warrior Law focuses on injury as a central theme. Due to the misconception that “how the damage occurred” is crucial, many legal firms negotiate reduced compensation for their clients.

A client’s brain trauma is the most crucial component of the case and demands the greatest attention, energy, and resources from our Colorado Springs concussion injury attorneys.


According to new research, symptoms of brain damage may begin to lessen long before it is safe to return to normal activities. There are two ways of brain damage healing, according to the research.

Concussion rehabilitation begins with treating the memory, cognitive, and behavior problems that resulted from the injury.

  • The brain’s physiological state is the second mode.
  • This research’s findings might significantly impact how quickly people recover from even the most “mild” forms of brain damage. The study used an approach distinct from standard MRI scans to discover persistent anomalies in the brain.
  • Small changes in brain physiology and function may go undetected on a conventional CT or MRI scan. A lack of data may lead to an incorrect notion that “any persistent symptoms are psychological,” according to the research author. Inadequate testing may cause a patient with true brain injury to be pushed back into activity or have their symptoms disregarded.
  • This research shows that the increased risk of a second brain injury may last for months after the first damage’s symptoms have subsided. Athletes who return to the field only a few weeks after suffering a head injury may be at risk for a recurrence. There is still a lot of work to be done in concussion treatment and rehabilitation.

Many of our clients have received multi-million dollar judgments due to our expertise in using expert witnesses in the courtroom.

Because of the complicated nature of brain injuries, such as those caused by a concussion, neurologists and neurosurgeons are often called upon to testify about how the defendant’s carelessness resulted in our client’s present health problems.

Experts in industry-specific engineering and safety and economics are often used to demonstrate the financial effect on our client’s life.

Colorado Springs Brain Injury Attorneys’ ability to use expert witness testimony has led to several winning judgments and settlements, but past success does not guarantee future success.


Injuries to the brain are some of the most devastating and complicated caused by an automobile collision. Traumatic and acquired brain injuries profoundly affect the sufferer and may never enable him or her to recover from the disaster.

A severe head injury might also cause serious brain damage. There are choices for long-term care and therapy that may assist the victim in improving their quality of life even if a complete recovery is not feasible. Because of this, these choices are too costly.

Lawsuits may be brought against the at-fault party by someone who suffers significant brain damage in an accident.

  • Wage reduction
  • Suffering and pain
  • Breakdown of social ties
  • Medical bills from the past, present, and the future
  • Past and future loss of pleasure in life
  • Various other economic and non-economic harms
  • Damages for Punishment

To properly represent their clients, attorneys need to be well-versed in the many forms of brain injuries, their symptoms, treatment choices, and aftercare requirements. As the impact of brain injuries varies, this information can only be gained through working with victims and their families who have experienced catastrophic brain injuries.

With over two decades of personal injury knowledge, Warrior Law is the right choice for you. You or a loved one who has suffered significant brain damage will benefit from our extensive medical, and legal experience garnered from previous brain injury cases we have handled.

If you or a loved one has suffered brain damage due to an intentional tort, please contact us at 719-300-1100 to talk with a Colorado Springs brain injury attorney.


Warrior Law’s brain injury lawyers have a long history of successfully litigating tough situations. In cases involving brain injuries caused by car accidents, workplace accidents, and more, some of our attorneys have won judgments on behalf of their clients.

The strategic and precise preparation of cases is the foundation of our success, as is our unrelenting pursuit of outcomes. We spend the time necessary to thoroughly investigate the facts of your case, determine who is accountable, and collect relevant evidence from backing up your assertions. This helps us design a plan to maximize your financial compensation.

We do not pity those responsible for your harm and their insurance companies. If the other party refuses to cooperate or the settlement does not satisfy your demands, Warrior Law will take your brain injury claim to court.


If you or someone you care about has been the victim of a brain injury due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence, Warrior Law is here to assist you. We do thorough investigations, prepare methodically, and aggressively demand compensation for our clients.

The first step is to get a free evaluation of your case. Call 719-300-1100 to contact Warrior Law. Our attorneys represent individuals and businesses in the greater Colorado Springs region, state, and countrywide.

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We are standing by ready, willing, and able to help you. You can schedule a free consultation here on our website, or give us a call and talk to us. Whatever you prefer, we will accomodate you!

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We are standing by ready, willing, and able to help you. You can schedule a free consultation here on our website, or give us a call and talk to us. Whatever you prefer, we will accomodate you!