When Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident?

when hire motorcycle accident lawyer

Written by Jeremy D. Earle, JD

January 13, 2023

Obtaining the Services of a Colorado Springs Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident may be a stressful experience for many individuals. Accidents happen at any time, and the damage they inflict may utterly derail victims’ lives. Injured victims may find it difficult to manage their physical recuperation while also caring for their emotional health. Many victims are apprehensive about adding speaking with a lawyer to their overburdened schedules due to their lack of understanding of the legal system and claims procedure.

Simply said, wounded motorcycle accident victims do not need to call a lawyer the day following the accident. However, victims who wait too long to seek legal advice risk losing their legal right to claim compensation for the damages they have suffered from the accident. To safeguard their legal rights, wounded individuals should contact an attorney as quickly as possible following an accident.

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A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Assist You Right Away

Is it possible for a personal injury lawyer to assist me after a motorcycle accident?

While there is no need to hurry to locate the right lawyer within hours or days following a motorcycle accident, a skilled lawyer can begin aiding wounded victims right away. Motorcycle accident lawyers battle for the rights of wounded victims daily, and the sooner you contact them, the sooner they can start building your case. If settlement talks fail, attorneys may collect evidence as needed, commence discussions and negotiations with insurance companies, and prepare for trial.

In Colorado, there is a time limit for filing a claim for a motorcycle accident.

How long do I have after a motorcycle accident to contact a lawyer?

For those unfamiliar with the legal notion of the statute of limitations, consider it a period set by law within which injured plaintiffs are allowed to file a lawsuit after a motorcycle accident. The amount of time allowed by the statute of limitations varies by state and is dependent on the kind of claim filed by an injured person.

The statute of limitations in Colorado allows motorcycle accident victims to file a lawsuit four years from the date of the accident. Although there are certain limited exceptions, claimants cannot seek compensation for accident-related damages after the statute of limitations has expired in most cases. After an accident, you should contact an attorney as quickly as possible to ensure that you are not prevented from submitting a claim.

After a motorcycle accident, how long may I wait to get a lawyer?

Injured victims don’t need to retain legal counsel to claim damages stemming from a motorcycle accident. Injured plaintiffs have a legal right to pursue a motorcycle accident claim if the claim is filed before the statute of limitations expires.

However, for victims unfamiliar with the legal system, filing a claim may be difficult and daunting. Consider contacting an expert motorcycle accident attorney to guarantee your legal rights are protected and enhance your chances of receiving maximum compensation for your losses.

Some accident victims may need to put their medical rehabilitation and well-being ahead of any legal issues resulting from their motorcycle accident. On the other hand, a skilled attorney can help you cope with the stress of the legal procedure.

However, if you want your case to be successful and not drag on, you need to engage a lawyer as soon as possible following your accident. Many folks put off dealing with legal issues and finding an attorney until they have fully recovered physically—and that’s OK!

However, a lawyer can assist you much sooner after your accident. Some individuals may hire attorneys right after a car accident. This makes it easy for their lawyers to keep track of medical records and collect evidence early.

After a motorcycle accident, when do you need a lawyer?

After a motorcycle accident, how can an attorney assist you?

No matter your legal intentions following your motorcycle accident, it’s a good idea to take advantage of consultations with a few attorneys. Even if you decide not to pursue them, this will help you understand your alternatives.

However, certain conditions make seeking a lawyer more urgent. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, you should look for an attorney as soon as possible if you:

Severe injuries: The more serious someone’s injuries are, the more likely they will be (a) costly and (b) time-consuming to recover. These two variables might make the legal procedure more difficult after a motorcycle accident. More costly injuries frequently need pursuing more compensation, which might lengthen the process. Many lawsuits may not commence until accident victims have healed physically; the more serious your injuries, the longer it will take. Wherever feasible, a knowledgeable lawyer can assist speed up the procedure and managing the paperwork and legal difficulties while you recover.

Have lasting injuries: If your motorcycle accident resulted in permanent injuries, you might profit more from engaging a lawyer than others. It’s vital to have someone who can legally represent you in court to demonstrate your life-altering situations.

Requires substantial medical care: Extensive medical treatment is neither inexpensive nor quick. If you need extensive medical treatment due to your injury, it is advisable to engage with an attorney. That way, you can concentrate on your recovery and have someone assist you if your situation becomes  more complicated.

Missed more than a few days of work: It is fairly usual to miss days of work after an accident. If you’ve been out of work for more than a few days as a result of your injury, it could be in your best interests to

contact a lawyer. Motorcycle accident lawyers have expertise assisting clients in pursuing damages for lost income when they cannot work due to injuries.

Are dealing with shady insurance firms: Insurance companies seldom pay an accident victim a fair compensation; but, if the insurance companies you’re dealing with are causing you significant problems, a lawyer may likely assist. If insurers are shoving structured or cheap settlements in your face, try to consult with an attorney.

Are unsure who is to blame for their accident (or believe more than one person is to blame): It is not always evident who is to blame for an accident. In many other circumstances, the problem is less clear. The sooner you employ a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer, the sooner he or she can assist you in determining and proving who was to blame for your accident. In certain accidents, several persons are to blame. If this sounds like your accident, engaging with a lawyer might be quite beneficial.

After a motorcycle accident, there are seven reasons to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Your lawyer can explain the steps involved in filing a legal claim.

It isn’t simple to make a legal claim. The procedure isn’t impossible—which is why you aren’t legally compelled to hire an attorney—but it will be considerably simpler with one. Different types of accidents need different legal strategies. Your lawyer may, for example, inform you if your case is more likely to settle or go to court. A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer can assist you in determining your next steps, whatever they may be. You don’t have to follow their counsel; it merely expands your alternatives following your accident.

Do You Have Any Concerns Regarding Your Motorcycle Accident Claim? They can respond to them.

There’s a reason why attorneys have to go to law school for years to learn about the legal system in the United States. The majority of individuals have no knowledge of how to file a legal claim, receive compensation, or anything related to the claims procedure.

After a motorcycle accident, it’s typical to have a lot of questions about what to do. When you employ a lawyer, you are hiring someone to whom you may ask all of your questions at any time. When you need legal guidance, it’s far more comfortable to depend on a skilled attorney than Google.

Your Motorcycle Accident Case Will Be Investigated and Documented by a Lawyer

Motorcycle accident lawyers collect facts and evidence from the accident scene and utilize them to establish the truth. A lawyer can assist you in obtaining the information you need to legally enhance your case. Most lawyers take numerous measures to assist their clients in proving what transpired.

This includes the following:

Using police reports and other forms of evidence

Making contact with insurance firms, car and motorcycle manufacturers, and so on.

Using evidence gathered at the accident site (like photos)

Interrogating witnesses

Assessing your medical status based on medical records

Attorneys for motorcycle accidents may assist their clients in negotiating with insurance companies.

A motorcycle collision does not inevitably equal time in court, contrary to common assumption. Many individuals obtain compensation after a car accident without ever having to go through the judicial system. After an accident, you may be able to reach an agreement with your insurance carrier.

Negotiating with insurance providers on your own may be quite tough. Your own insurance company is obligated to deal with you in good faith, but other drivers’ insurance companies are not. It’s customary for insurance salespeople to make lowball proposals to accident victims.

This is why consulting an attorney before starting the insurance procedure is a good idea. Your attorney will be able to bargain on your behalf and fight for more equitable settlements.

Your lawyer may file a lawsuit on your behalf in the event of a motorcycle accident.

If you and your motorcycle accident lawyer cannot reach an agreement with your insurance company via negotiation, your case may need to go to court. This might be concerning, but if you’ve already hired a reputable attorney, it shouldn’t worry you too much.

At this time, a skilled lawyer will file a motorcycle accident case on your behalf. You shouldn’t have any unanswered questions about why things are occurring the way they are.

You may be represented in court by your lawyer.

Motorcycle accident attorneys assist their clients in more than just filing cases. They also represent their clients in court.

That means you won’t have to go through the trial procedure on your own if your case goes that far.

Representing oneself in court is seldom a wise idea. Some well-known lawyers do it; nevertheless, many cooperate with another lawyer for their court appearances.

You Can Concentrate on Recovery When You Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The word “recovery” refers to more than simply physical healing from injuries. After a motorcycle accident, many individuals need time to emotionally, psychologically and financially heal. Hiring an attorney is one approach to free up some of your time and energy so that you may concentrate on improving yourself.

Consider retaining the services of a motorcycle accident attorney as a long-term investment. It’s the best approach to make sure you have time to concentrate on yourself when dealing with insurance companies or going to court.

How can I be sure I’m hiring the best motorcycle accident lawyer after my accident?

A competent attorney has several characteristics. With so many motorcycle accident attorneys to choose from, think about what you want to get out of your relationship.

When it’s time to choose a motorcycle accident attorney, check for the following:

Knowledge: This is a no-brainer. The more experience your lawyer has, the more likely they will assist you with your specific problems. You should pick a motorcycle accident lawyer familiar with the legal system and has a track record of success.

Attention: Achieving success in a variety of disciplines requires focus and determination. The legal profession is no exception. You’ll have a tough time putting together a good case if your motorcycle accident attorney isn’t focused.

The correct personality: There is no one-size-fits-all personality for anything, so make sure you get a motorcycle accident lawyer who shares your personality. You don’t need to cope with disputes or misunderstandings on top of difficult circumstances.

Objectivity: If the law is meant to be anything, it should be objective. An impartial lawyer will assist you in approaching the legal procedure as objectively as possible. What’s the result? No matter who (or what) you’re up against, this case is made to endure.

A good reputation: A lawyer’s reputation can tell you almost all you need to know about how they will represent you in court. Look for motorcycle attorneys that have a high reputation and a track record of attaining legal outcomes.

We always encourage taking advantage of free consultations with various legal experts if you’re not sure whether you’re dealing with the appropriate lawyer for your situation. You may speak with a few  lawyers to see which one is the best match for you and your situation.

Free consultations are available from Warrior Motorcycle Accident Attorneys, for clients who have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. You may contact our offices by filling out an online contact form or calling 719-300-1100.

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