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Truck collisions may be fatal. Big rigs, commercial vehicles, and 18-wheelers all have one thing in common: their enormous size. Stopping them is difficult because of their size and weight. The power of a truck collision may easily break bones and kill people. Between 2009 and 2017, the number of fatal truck accidents in the United States climbed by 40%.

Despite increased safety precautions in your car and commercial trucks, truck accidents are rising due to several significant causes. While inattentive driving is one of the most common causes, mechanical failure is another.

As truck safety measures grow more common, so does the car’s systems and mechanics complexity. These systems may fail, and it’s difficult to pinpoint why.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a commercial truck accident, you need the help of an experienced truck accident injury lawyer. Truck accidents have a lot of subtleties that make them a lot more complicated than regular car accidents.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a commercial truck accident, you need the help of an experienced truck accident injury lawyer. Truck accidents have a lot of subtleties that make them a lot more complicated than regular car accidents. You should not put your case in the hands of just anybody.

Mechanical Failures and Their Causes

Understanding the most prevalent reasons for truck mechanical breakdowns may be difficult. However, doing so will assist you in determining who was to blame for your car collision. It’s very certainly more than one party, and mechanical failure is the root of many of these accidents.

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Failure of the brakes

Commercial vehicles’ brakes play a vital role. They are halting a massive car, and they must do it swiftly in many cases. Compared to a car, a fully loaded tractor-trailer takes 20 to 40% longer to stop on the road. Brakes, on the other hand, may fail at any moment.

Brakes might fail because they were not adequately examined in certain circumstances. This might indicate that the brake company did not perform a thorough check or properly service the brakes.

Commercial vehicles are also subject to federal regulations, which implies the truck’s owner may fail to examine the brakes correctly. In this situation, numerous parties are to blame for the accident and the injuries you sustained due to it.

Failure of the Steering System

Trucks, like many other cars, have steering systems that need to be maintained regularly. The firm that serviced the car might be held accountable for your injuries if the fluid was low or another fault missed during an examination.

If the car wasn’t maintained regularly, the truck owner might be liable for your injuries. Multiple parties are to blame for your injuries in this case as well.

Failure of the Transmission

Truck gearboxes, like brakes, are subjected to a lot of abuse. Trucks have a lot more gears than cars, and they change a lot more often. Failures may occur if the transmission is not properly examined and concerns are not fixed promptly. Failures commonly result in accidents.

When the car is overloaded, the transmission might potentially fail. Transmissions are rated for a given amount of weight. When a truck’s driver or owner continually overloads the weight, the gearbox might suffer catastrophic consequences. This, in turn, might result in accidentss.

Failure of a Tire

Tire failure is a common occurrence. Although trucks often have many tires, each one serves a crucial job in maintaining the car safely running. Tires, on the other hand, may fail at any moment.

Your tires may blow out. This might suggest a problem with the air pressure. This might be due to the fault of the car’s service provider, the owner, or the driver. Tires may potentially blow out due to a flaw in the manufacturing process. Your injuries are the fault of the manufacturer in this case.

It’s crucial to remember that you didn’t cause your truck accident, whether it was due to defective equipment or poor maintenance. Because someone else caused your injuries, they should be responsible for paying your medical expenditures, not you.

How to Stay Safe When Dealing With Big Rigs

Trucks are hulking, scary machines. When they’re near, drivers are often terrified. Taking action to be safe, however, requires a grasp of how they work.

Trucks need a significant amount of stopping distance. A tractor-trailer may take almost 400 feet to halt at highway speeds. Pulling out in front of a truck or cutting in front of a truck to make a turn are both dangerous choices that may result in a rear-end accident.

In addition, trucks have far greater blind areas than cars. When you’re in multiple blind areas surrounding the truck, it’s tough for the truck driver to notice you. As a result, it’s also crucial to avoid cutting around a truck while it’s turning.

Because trucks have a large turning radius, they must swing far out to accomplish a turn. If you attempt to get around them, the motorist may not notice you, and you may end up in an accident.

Identifying the Cause of Your Accident

Accidents involving trucks are complicated. Regular car accidents have their quirks, but tractor-trailer collisions are in another league altogether. It’s critical to figure out what caused your injuries so you can hold the correct people responsible.

Working with an experienced truck accident lawyer offers you access to years of investigation expertise into truck accident injuries. Because your well-being is at risk, a truck accident attorney may perform an independent investigation, consult with witnesses and analyze police reports, review medical records and the mechanical history of the truck involved in the accident, and leave no stone unturned.

You may pursue the at-fault parties in your truck accident claim in a variety of ways. There may be a claim against the car owner or the repair firm for faulty maintenance. The truck logs, maintenance records, and inspection records all help us figure this out. It’s also conceivable that the truck’s owner made a mistake in recruiting. We may look at job records, training, certifications, and previous infractions to make this conclusion.

After an Accident, What Should You Do?

The immediate aftermath of an event is critical for both your safety and the preservation of evidence. Take the following actions as soon as possible after your car accident:

Dial 911 – The most important thing is to make sure you’re alright. Truck accidents often result in serious injuries that may be fatal. Seeing a doctor as soon as feasible following an accident might ensure that your injuries are treated as soon as possible.

This also serves the aim of obtaining an impartial report from the police on your accident. While the cops are unlikely to assign blame, they will draw a schematic of the accident site.

Take photographs – Taking photos is one of the most effective methods to preserve evidence in a truck collision. Because you may be unable to do so due to your injuries, have a trustworthy family member or loved one photograph the accident site, all cars involved in the collision, and your injuries. Taking images of the accident and documenting it is highly useful for your injury lawyer to evaluate.

Obtain witness contact information — Many witnesses will not remain at the scene of an accident long enough to talk with authorities. The cops can contact them later if you have their contact information. Furthermore, insurance firms will want to talk with witnesses.

Notify your insurance provider

Notify your insurance company that you were in a collision with a commercial truck. However, do not make a statement until you’ve consulted with a reputable personal injury attorney.

Many consumers believe that their insurance provider is there to safeguard them. Insurance companies are in the business of earning money, and they don’t make money if they pay your claim in full.

Keep a record of your injuries

Every day, write in your journal. Describe how your injuries are healing if they are at all, and how you’re feeling, including your pain level. You’ll forget how you felt on any particular day over time, and as you improve, you’ll just recollect feeling better.

However, it’s critical to be aware of your daily development throughout the healing process. This will also provide specific details regarding your rehabilitation journey to your truck accident injury lawyer.

Speak with a truck accident attorney — You deserve to have skilled personal injury attorneys fighting for your rights so you can focus on getting healthy and not worrying about paying your costs.

Your Injuries Will Be Reimbursed

Your injuries are likely to be significant, and you may be out of work for a while, if not forever. The insurance company is well aware of this and will give you a settlement hoping that the fast money would attract you. While you urgently want funds to cover your medical costs, this low-ball settlement offer is unlikely to reimburse future expenditures. We don’t want you to be financially harmed as a result of injuries you didn’t create.

While it’s true that most personal injury cases are settled out of court, search for a truck accident lawyer that is willing to go to trial if necessary to get you the full compensation you need to get healthy. Only engage with a truck accident lawyer who will not settle your case unless it is in your best interests. Check with your truck accident lawyer to see whether you are eligible for:

  • Suffering and pain
  • Emotional anguish
  • Wages lost
  • Loss of companionship
  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Future medical expenditures

Good truck accident attorneys can assist you in determining the entire worth of your claim and properly estimate future expenditures. Only the medical bills on your coffee table may be seen. However, you must factor in future expenses, which may involve extra medical treatments. We are all aware that they are not inexpensive.

It’s all about having the right lawyer.

We collaborate with accident investigators who will rebuild your accident scene in addition to having experienced and qualified truck accident injury attorneys ready to help you. Many attorneys do not have the financial resources to devote to such comprehensive and time-consuming work. Look for a lawyer who specializes in this area.

Accidents involving trucks are inherently complicated. There are multiple levels of insurance coverage and various people who might be responsible for your injury. Extensive investigation and expert witness testimony are required to hold each party accountable for their involvement in causing your injuries.

Proving that a particular item, such as the brakes, failed would need the assistance of an industry specialist. Truck accident injury claims are often quite costly due to the necessity for so much research and expert evidence. These costs are difficult for the ordinary legal practice to cover. You’ll want someone who has dealt with tens of thousands of commercial car accidents.

Most truck accident lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis, which means they only get paid if you are compensated, and contingency fee lawyers only accept cases they are confident in winning.

If you have any more concerns about a truck accident, an expert personal injury attorney can assist you in determining the best course of action. You may reach Warrior Truck Accident Lawyers by calling 719-300-1100 or filling out an online contact form.

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