Recovering from a T-Bone Truck Accident in Colorado Springs

t-bone truck accident

Written by Jeremy D. Earle, JD

January 9, 2023

T-Bone Truck Accident in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a major transportation and shipping center. Whether you’re visiting or going about your everyday business as a resident, you’ll undoubtedly come across a variety of commercial trucks transporting products across town and across the nation. Commercial trucks, such as eighteen-wheelers and large rigs, may be frightening to car drivers. All truck drivers must adhere to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

And it’s not without cause. When commercial trucks collide with other cars, they may inflict catastrophic damage and life-altering injuries to the occupants of those other cars. Warrior Truck Accident Attorneys will help with every aspect of making a truck accident claim to ensure you recover compensation that is far. This is why we offer a free consultation.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Colorado Springs truck T-Bone collision, you may be able to recover damages from the at-fault driver or other parties. Typical personal injury attorneys in Colorado Springs lack the experience of handling a truck accident claim. You need an experienced truck accident lawyer to help protect your rights.

When you’re hurt in a Colorado Springs truck T-Bone collision, you need to know that your legal team can handle the situation. Because there are so many possible sources of culpability in truck accidents, you need a lawyer who is not only familiar with truck accidents but also aggressive enough to take on the huge trucking firms and their insurance adjusters.

Because your injuries may be life-threatening, you must trust that your legal counsel is looking out for your best interests at all times. You deserve financial compensation, high quality medical treatment, reimbursement for lost wages and medical bills, and to hold the truck driver liable for all of these. This is what Colorado law allows…

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Accidents with Catastrophic Consequences

A T-Bone accident is sometimes termed a side-impact collision. These collisions are common at junctions when one car jumps a red light or fails to stop at a stop sign.

T-Bone collisions are particularly sad since they often occur at high speeds. When a T-Bone collides with a semi-truck, the consequences may be disastrous and fatal. Because heavy trucks are so considerably bigger than your car, the impact may smash smaller cars, leaving victims with life-altering injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) are a kind of traumatic brain injury

TBIs, or traumatic brain injuries, are typical injuries after a truck T-Bone collision. TBIs may occur in a variety of ways, although they are most often caused by incidents in which the head or body are contorted or struck.

Every day, about 100 individuals die as a result of a traumatic brain injury. TBIs such as concussions are the most well-known, although more severe forms may also occur. When someone has a TBI, they may lose consciousness and suffer lasting repercussions if not treated properly and swiftly.

Injuries to the soft tissues

When muscle, nerves, and other tissues are damaged, soft tissue injuries occur. One of the most prevalent soft tissue injuries is whiplash. Severe soft tissue injuries, such as those seen in truck accidents, might result in lifelong damage. Soft tissue tears may occur in certain circumstances, producing extreme agony for the person and necessitating many surgical operations and rehabilitation.


The corpses of victims in major car accidents might be crushed. When this occurs, bodily parts, particularly limbs, might lose oxygen to the point that they begin to die.

Amputation may be required to preserve the victim’s life if the injury is serious enough. A victim’s hand or foot may need to be amputated at times, while a whole limb may be removed at other times.

While current science and technology has advanced to the point where prosthetic limbs may be provided, they are no substitute for the original body part, and the sufferer will still need considerable rehabilitation to learn how to live with their new lifestyle.

Paralysis and Spinal Cord Injuries

Your body may distort and be thrust swiftly in one direction as a result of the sheer power of an encounter with a tractor-trailer. This may result in damage to the spinal cord.

The spinal cord is the body’s messaging system, and when any section of it is harmed, signals cannot get through completely or are occasionally partly blocked. This may render a sufferer paralyzed, preventing them from moving below the damage site.

If you have a lower back spinal cord injury, you may lose the ability to control your legs. Not only will you have to put in a lot of effort to modify your lifestyle, but you’ll also have to pay a lot of money in medical costs to obtain the care and attention you need.

Cases That Are Complicated

Your life might be changed forever if you are injured in a Colorado Springs truck T-Bone collision. However, pinpointing who is to blame for your accident is far more challenging. Trucks feature a lot of moving components, and there are a lot of individuals who might have made errors that led to your accident.

A thorough investigation can determine who or what caused your accident. The cops will undoubtedly check into it, but you’ll need a far more thorough investigation. It’s possible that your lawyer may engage a truck accident reconstruction specialist to do it for you.

Multiple Liability Sources

That’s why truck accidents are so complicated: several persons and corporations might be to blame. It may take a comprehensive and exhaustive inquiry to determine which person or parties should be held liable. At the very least, the truck driver will typically carry their own insurance coverage.

Your accident might have been caused by a variety of persons and corporations, and we’ll go through the most prevalent ones below.

Driver of a Truck

The most apparent place to search for blame after a car accident is one of the drivers. The truck driver may be at fault in a truck T-Bone collision.

The following are some of the most common causes for truck drivers to cause accidents:

  • Speeding
  • Running Stop Signs
  • Failure to stop at a red light
  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Inexperienced driving
  • Driving too fast for the weather conditions
  • Breaking Traffic Laws

Truck drivers have a severe issue with weariness. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, between 30 and 40 percent of all commercial truck accidents are caused by driver weariness. Because this is often a systemic issue, the driver isn’t necessarily the only perpetrator.

Trucking Firm

If the driver is employed by a firm, that corporation may be held liable as well. When a trucking company fails to properly educate a truck driver, they may be held liable. They may also be held liable if they did not do a comprehensive background check on the driver before to employing him.

For example, if the company failed to check the truck driver’s background to see whether they had any infractions, they may be held liable for your accident. Holding the trucking business responsible might result in a greater settlement for your injuries.

The Shipping Firm

Trucking businesses often transport freight that was loaded by a shipping company. When a shipping company secures a load improperly, it can shift, causing the driver to lose control of the truck.

A hasty police report would not reveal that this was the cause of the collision. That’s why working with an experienced Colorado Springs truck T-Bone accident lawyer who has the expertise to assist you discover the precise cause of your accident and injuries is critical to your claim.

Truck Manufacturer

Thousands of moving pieces make up a truck. To guarantee the truck’s safe functioning, each of those elements must be perfectly assembled. Your accident might be directly caused by a truck manufacturer’s failure to properly construct the car or even just one item.

Each component of the car must be made appropriately by the manufacturer. Individual components are purchased by several car manufacturers from different firms. If a single component was to blame for your accident, you may be able to sue the component maker.

Truck Maintenance Company

Because trucks contain so many parts, they must be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they are operating safely. If a maintenance professional fails to identify and cure an issue, the maintenance firm may be held liable for any resulting incidents.

Even apparently minor issues, such as not filling the truck’s tires to the proper pressure, might result in an accident. For example, an overinflated tire might blow out, causing the truck driver to lose control and slam into your car at an intersection.

Damages Recoveries

You must submit a truck accident personal injury claim for damages once your truck accident lawyer’s accident reconstruction specialists have identified the cause of the incident. The goal of filing a personal injury claim for your truck accident injuries is to get enough money so that you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

Your lawyer may seek compensation for the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of life pleasure
  • Current and future medical expenditures
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Car costs
  • Home improvement costs

Many car T-Bone accident victims are unaware of how costly their medical expenses may become. Medical prices in our nation have risen to the point that medical bills that individuals cannot pay account for two-thirds of all bankruptcies filed each year. Make sure you don’t become a statistic.

You may prevent this dreadful circumstance by working with a reputable Colorado Springs car T-Bone accident lawyer who can assist you in holding the responsible party accountable.

If you can prove that someone else was to blame for your accident and injuries, you may be able to seek compensation from them and avoid having to deal with your financial commitments on top of your physical rehabilitation.

Act quickly.

You can’t, however, wait. Every state has a tight time restriction on how long you may sue the at-fault party following an accident. The time restriction in Colorado is just three years.

This may seem to be a long period, but consider what you may encounter throughout that time:

  • A variety of medical treatments
  • Long hospital stays
  • Time away from work
  • Rehabilitation in a facility
  • Home care
  • Depression

Experienced Colorado Springs Truck Accident Law Firm

You will encounter numerous hurdles on your journey to recovery, and the last thing you need to worry about is a lawsuit. When you consult with an attorney soon after your injury, you may have your legal representative working to get you the most compensation possible while you focus on your health and rehabilitation.

Furthermore, the sooner you contact a lawyer, the more likely they will be able to gather all of the evidence needed to hold the irresponsible person accountable for your accident and injuries.

Evidence may vanish with time, and witnesses may forget what they saw. The sooner you work with a reputable legal representative, the sooner you can concentrate on your rehabilitation.

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