How to Get What You Deserve: Semi Truck Accident Settlement

Semi Truck Accident Settlement

Written by Jeremy D. Earle, JD

April 26, 2023

How Do I Get a Fair Settlement for a Truck Accident?

Semi-truck collisions are among the most horrific collisions a motorist may encounter on the road. These trucks are massive, and they are often laden with freight, which may add to the severity of an accident.

Unfortunately, the tension and anxiety that such an event creates do not go away after the sufferer has sought medical help. After an accident, most victims want to seek justice and compensation from negligent truck drivers, trucking firms, and other parties. Furthermore, the majority of people find the procedure to be time-consuming and irritating.

Even after an accident, dealing with dread and uncertainty may be difficult. Personal injury lawyers that care about their clients try to educate and assist them. In certain circumstances, expert lawyers may be able to help victims get more compensation than they otherwise would have gotten.

After a semi-truck accident settlement, getting the justice and compensation that clients deserve may be challenging, but it is achievable. A knowledgeable truck accident attorney can assist clients in navigating the legal system and ensuring that they get reasonable compensation.

Accidents involving semi-trucks are caused by a variety of factors. Every year, a large number of accidents occur under unusual conditions. Nobody can say for sure what will trigger one semi-truck collision or another. Semi-truck accidents are known to be caused by a number of reasons.

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The following are some of the most common causes of semi-truck accidents:

Poor truck maintenance: In a fleet of hundreds or thousands of cars, it’s simple for a truck to be lost in the mix. Regrettably, some cars are overlooked for periodic maintenance or inspections. It’s possible that the carelessness of other transportation businesses is more deliberate. Some businesses choose to save money by skimping on maintenance and repairs.

Driver errors: Semi-truck drivers are capable of making all of the same mistakes as regular drivers. Eating while driving, texting while driving, and driving while intoxicated all enhance the risk of a collision. Unintentional driving mistakes may also be caused by hazardous road conditions.

Incorrect freight loading: Semi-trucks must be loaded according to certain regulations. The criteria guarantee that resources are transported in a balanced and safe manner. Some transportation firms do not adhere to these rules. When cargo is loaded incorrectly, it might spill into the road or cause a truck to topple over.

What Is the Frequency of Semi-Truck Accidents?

Nearly 70% of the country’s resources are transported by semi-trucks. Some people feel that semi-truck accidents are uncommon, yet data indicate that they happen on a regular basis.

In 2017, more than 4,000 people died in major trucking accidents; • Large trucks cause around 90,000 injuries each year; • Fatalities in large transportation accidents are at a 29-year high.

Why Do Semi-Trucks Pose a Special Risk on the Road?

Semi-trucks have characteristics that make them more risky than the normal passenger car. A huge truck might weigh up to thirty times as much as a normal passenger car. Semi-trucks with high ground clearance have plenty of room to drive over cars and obstacles.

Sedans, sport utility cars (SUVs), and pickup trucks have considerably greater braking capabilities than a semi-truck. Semi-trucks need up to 40% more stopping room than a regular car. This means they have a lot less room for error, which increases the chances of their getting into an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions About Semi-Truck Accident Settlements

Why is it taking so long for my case to be resolved?

The majority of semi-truck crash cases take longer to resolve than the typical car accident case. This is because semi-truck collisions are more likely to result in: • more serious injuries • more severe bodily damage

Trucks that are covered by various insurance plans

Uncertain culpability for the driver, the transport firm, and others.

It may seem that victims of previous car accidents get compensated considerably more quickly. Semi-truck accident settlements might take longer since a truck accident lawyer must look into not just the driver’s part in the accident, but also the trucking company’s. Your truck accident lawyer can explain why a case is taking longer than expected.

Why am I being pressed to make a decision so quickly?

On the internet, there is a lot of information warning victims that settlements might take a long time to arrive. Even with this advise in place, some victims are still obtaining their compensation quite swiftly. Keep in mind that these are not the deals that clients deserve or should accept.

Many insurance firms will start hounding semi-truck accident victims for a quick settlement. Clients do not gain from this. Insurance companies are unlikely to strive to reach an agreement with you that benefits you. To save the firm money, insurance personnel are educated to attempt to settle for the lowest sum feasible.

This may happen in a number of ways:

The exact amount of damage has yet to be determined: It is irresponsible to settle a matter before determining the real degree of the harm caused by an accident. It is a method via which insurance firms might strive to minimize their financial risk.

By settling early, the insurance company may avoid having to pay for further losses as they arise or become known.

The victim is without adequate legal advice: Insurance firms may also want to settle claims quickly since most victims do not yet have access to legal counsel. Because the ordinary individual is inexperienced with insurance and personal injury legislation, they may be exposed to insurance salespeople who are trained to maximize the insurance company’s savings.

Why does it take so long for a settlement to be reached?

These variables might explain why a settlement is taking longer than you expected:

Semi-truck insurance

Not only do most semi-trucks have coverage worth more than $1 million, but some of them have numerous plans. Trucking businesses may choose to insure their cars and the trailers they pull individually, with each coverage covering over $1 million.

Processes for determining liability

To conduct liability inquiries, a client’s lawyer and the insurance company must collaborate. This procedure assures that culpability is properly allocated in your case, but it might take a long time.

Split responsibility

In semi-truck accidents, split liability may apply. This indicates that the collision was caused by many parties. The truck driver, the trucking business, and/or the technicians who maintained the car might all be held accountable.

Injuries must heal

The ideal semi-truck accident compensation does not begin until the victim (or victims) has recovered completely from their injuries. Semi-trucks are notorious for causing catastrophic damage. As a result, recovery may take longer than it would in a regular car collision. Accurate diagnosis and therapy will result in a more precise recovery schedule.

Tips for Negotiating a Fair Settlement in a Semi-Truck Accident

Collecting evidence in a time-efficient manner

This indicates that the proof…

  • …must be gathered as quickly as possible
  • …must be as comprehensive as possible
  • …must contain as much real evidence as possible

If you or your truck accident lawyer gathers the necessary proof as soon as possible, your chances of receiving a fair compensation increase dramatically. Some accident victims are physically capable of gathering evidence on the spot; however, many are affected by injuries and may be unable to do so.

Some of the evidence found on the scene might be beneficial to a client’s case. Authorities that attend to accident sites also keep track of the evidence. Some evidence isn’t relevant or recoverable for many days after the accident. This might include expert evaluations of the car (or cars physical )’s damage.

As soon as possible, get medical help.

Adequate and prompt medical treatment is one method to boost the chances of a fair settlement. Many lawyers urge their clients to wait until they have fully recovered physically before pursuing a settlement. This is because comprehensive medical records and proof may lead to a more equitable compensation for the victim.

The same rationale indicates that seeking medical treatment as soon as possible after a semi-truck collision is the best method for the client to acquire the compensation they deserve. The sooner an injury is assessed by a medical practitioner, the more probable it is that it will be correctly identified and treated.

The value of an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis is the key. Insurance companies strive to save as much money as possible. Insurance adjusters are taught to approve claims for victims who can demonstrate irrefutable losses or injuries.

It is more probable that the client will be compensated for their injuries and various resultant ailments if they are appropriately identified. Victims with precisely documented ailments and injuries are far more likely to get compensation than victims of unclear diseases and injuries.

Make a list of the damages you’re looking for.

A detailed knowledge of the damages for which the client is seeking reimbursement is one approach to speed up the claims process. Following a semi-truck collision, you may be entitled to claim the following damages:

Medical bills: Medical costs might include past, current, and future medical expenditures that were incurred as a result of the accident. Various forms of therapy and operations for rehabilitation may also be included.

Pain and suffering: Following a collision, semi-truck accident victims may seek compensation for their pain and suffering. These grants are intended to help victims cope with the physical and emotional agony that follows an accident.

Loss of earning potential: Some accidents are so serious that the victim’s earning potential is permanently harmed. If a semi-truck accident victim is unable to work as a result of the accident, the person has the right to seek compensation for their lost earning potential.

A personal injury lawyer can provide further information on the sorts of damages that a client may be entitled to after an accident.

Collaborate with a Proven Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

Attorney for Truck Accidents

When looking for the best semi-truck accident lawyer, most people start by looking at personal injury attorneys. Because semi-truck accident attorneys (and any other attorneys who fight matters involving car crashes) are personal injury lawyers who provide particular legal services, this is the situation. Those legal services would be for car accident victims in this situation.

It’s vital to select a semi-truck accident attorney that clients feel comfortable with throughout the legal procedure. The legal procedure may be long, so having a helpful and sympathetic staff is essential.

It’s usual to visit with more than one firm while looking for the ideal lawyer. The majority of legal firms provide free first consultations. Clients may benefit from free consultations to choose which attorney is most suited for their situation.

The sooner a client finds their perfect attorney, and the more skilled and sympathetic the attorney is, the more likely they are to get a fair settlement.

Lawyers with industry experience may use their information in court. It also enables them to fight for the justice that their client is entitled to. A longer working relationship with an attorney indicates that they will have more time to devote to a client’s case.

As a result, if you or a loved one has been wounded in a semi-truck accident, get legal assistance from a reputable firm. This increases the likelihood of a fair settlement in court and provides more insight into the situation of a client.

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