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Home Depot, one of the largest big-box home-improvement businesses in the country, has over 2000 locations across the United States. The business provides homeowners with building and repair supplies through the sale of construction and home renovation items. The store has one of the best and most affordable home renovation products available online.

However, customers who get significant injuries while shopping there frequently file lawsuits and claims against stores due to the stores’ massive square footage, precariously placed items, and crowded aisles.

There is an expectation of safety at Home Depot, both inside the store and in the parking lot, where customers enter and leave the building. All tenants, landlords, and managers are responsible for keeping their properties fairly safe.

They are responsible for placing barricades and signs warning customers of potential dangers as they become apparent. Numerous people hurt in accidents at Home Depot in Colorado have turned to premises liability lawsuits to recoup some of the money they’ve lost.

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Home Depot may be held legally responsible if a visitor or employee is hurt due to a hazard on the premises.

However, to succeed in a claim or lawsuit seeking compensation for injuries sustained at a retail business, the sufferer must demonstrate that a dangerous condition within or outside the retail establishment was the direct cause of those injuries.

For this reason, many people who have been hurt in accidents at Home Depot end up hiring a good personal injury lawyer who concentrates on such matters.

Under Colorado law, an injured party must show the following to bring a personal injury lawsuit against Home Depot:

Despite being alerted to a potentially hazardous situation, Home Depot did nothing to address the issue.

Home Depot’s staff or management intentionally or recklessly arranged for the hazard that ultimately injured the customer.

The store never took the necessary steps to remedy the situation or put up warning signs.

In addition, Home Depot and similar big-box home-improvement stores in Colorado are required by premises liability legislation to take action to address any unsafe conditions on their grounds.

Anyone injured due to the property owner’s or manager’s negligence in providing a safe place to be can file a claim for damages under premises liability legislation.

Injuries to customers and workers at Home Depot hardware stores typically fall into one of four categories:

Injuries sustained as a result of a fall on a damp or slick surface that is not noted

Sawdust accumulation on the floor causes slip and fall incidents.

Accidents using forklifts frequently result from the carelessness of operators who aren’t properly trained.

not adequately securing and storing overhead goods

Failure to maintain a neat and orderly sales area devoid of trash, liquid spills, and misplaced goods

Personal injuries from falling store displays

Injuries sustained by slipping on snow and ice near the store’s entrance or parking lot


Every year, the massive retailer deals with a lot of injuries that occur at Home Depot locations. Claims adjusters in their legal department are experts in “lowballing” the value of a claim, particularly when clients represent themselves. That’s why plenty of hurt people seek a good personal injury lawyer.

Gathering evidence, such as store surveillance footage and eyewitness statements, allows the attorneys at Warrior Personal Injury Lawyers to make their clients’ cases for financial compensation.

The attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of the incident, assign a monetary value to the victim’s claim, and pursue compensation for the client’s damages (including medical costs, missed wages, diminished earning potential, pain, and suffering, and property loss).

The attorneys at Warrior Personal Injury have successfully represented numerous people who were hurt or lost a loved one in accidents involving Colorado Home Depots. Our law firm will take such claims on a contingency basis, which means you will owe us no money if we cannot reach a favorable settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Get in touch with our legal team at (719) 300-1100 immediately to set up a free introductory consultation. Before the Colorado statute of limitations expires on your claim, our company can assess your situation and assist you in filing the required documentation.

If someone else’s carelessness caused you harm, our legal team could help you get compensation from them. Today, our legal team is available to assist you.

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