Five Things to Do After a Bicycle Accident

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Written by Jeremy D. Earle, JD

June 13, 2023

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Bicycle accidents are a significant public health issue for Coloradans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Colorado has the highest incidence of bicycle fatalities in the country. Worse still, although most states have made significant decreases in bike fatalities over the last three decades, Colorado had the second-worst improvement of the fifty states.

When a bicycle accident happens, it may be difficult for injured parties to know what to do. Utilize this simple advice to protect yourself from bodily and financial harm after a bicycle accident. Warrior Bicycle Accident Attorneys, has decades of expertise negotiating and litigating bicycle accident injury cases. We will promptly respond to any of your queries and vigorously protect your legal rights.

Did you know Colorado has one of the highest rates of bicycle injuries caused by cars in the country? Have you been involved in a cycling accident involving a car? Are you unsure of what to do after being involved in a motorcycle collision with a car? Here are five actions to safeguard your safety, your rights, and your health in this terrifying scenario.

5 Things to Do Following a Motorcycle Accident

Amass Extensive Video and Photographic Evidence

After the collision, attempt to maintain your composure and exit traffic quickly; avoid attempting to bargain with the driver since they may seem sympathetic at the time but often deny their conduct afterward. Utilize your mobile phone to videotape yourself, giving your side of the story about what occurred in detail. Because your recollection of the accident may change over time, the value of this video cannot be stressed. Additionally, take as many photographs as possible of the accident area, your bicycle, the car that struck you, and all of your injuries. As a backup, text the movies and photographs to a friend or family member.

Report the Accident to the Police

Even if you are feeling well and experiencing no pain immediately after the accident, contact the Police directly using your mobile phone. You never know what may happen in the future since many injuries sustained in accidents manifest many hours, if not days, after the accident. Additionally, have the driver remain and wait for them to arrive. Inform the police officers of your side of the story when they come. The advantage of having a police officer on the scene is that they may issue a ticket to the motorist, which can aid in resolving an insurance claim. Additionally, it assists in identifying  the at-fault motorist. Afterward, you should call the police agency to verify that the            information on the accident report is accurate (or you can alter it by submitting an amended report).

Speak with Witnesses and the Driver to get information

Collect as much information as possible on the driver and witnesses, including their names, phone numbers, addresses, driver’s license and car registration numbers, and insurance information. Take photographs and video recordings of their identification papers. Additionally, inspect yourself and mention if you have a mild or major injury.

Seek Emergency Medical Attention Immediately

You may feel well and have no injuries at the time of the accident, but you should still have a doctor examine you. Accident-related injuries might manifest hours or even days after the impact.

Consult a Reputable Attorney

Whether you were a cyclist or a pedestrian, our attorneys have significant expertise in securing the most compensation available for your accident injuries. Due to the vulnerable posture of a bike rider or pedestrian, a collision with a motor car often results in significant harm. Often, the driver of the car is responsible for the collision, not the biker or pedestrian. For a no-cost first consultation, contact Bonjour, Thorman, Burns & Dahm.

Did You Know That Skilled Cyclists and Skilled Attorneys Achieve Significant Settlements?

Emily Dahm and Megan Burns, both of whom are attorneys, are longtime athletes who have done many triathlons. Our attorneys are well-versed in all facets of bicycle riding and are masters in establishing culpability in the event of a cyclist’s injury. The best interests are served when he or she is represented by another cyclist who is knowledgeable about all elements of bicycle riding.

If the opposing side does not make a reasonable settlement offer, we shall go to trial. Numerous accident lawyers are novice trial attorneys who prefer to settle over going to trial. Hiring an experienced accident attorney may significantly impact the amount of compensation you get. For a no-cost first consultation, contact Bonjour, Thorman, Burns & Dahm.

Have access to all required medical care

An injury victim’s most critical step toward recovery is to ensure that appropriate medical care is provided immediately after the event and throughout the rehabilitation process. As required, emergency medical help should be sought. This may include contacting paramedics and being transferred to an emergency room by ambulance, or it may just entail a visit to an urgent care center after the accident. Even if no immediate symptoms are observed, accident victims should visit their primary care physician to ensure no long-term problems from the injury. Latent injuries may sometimes manifest themselves months or years after an injury. These types of injuries should be examined and treated as soon as they occur.

Following an accident, it is common for medical treatment to be necessary on an ongoing basis. Consultations with experts, medical pain treatment, physical therapy, or chiropractic services may all be necessary. Accident victims should talk with their providers carefully to identify which treatments are appropriate for them. Injuries that are not treated appropriately tend to worsen over time.

Money should never be used as a decisive factor in determining whether or not to seek essential medical care after an accident.

Speak with any officials of the law that arrive on the site of the accident.

When cops arrive at the site of an accident, they often gather statements from all parties involved. Provide the Police with a succinct description of the accident’s basic facts. Ensure that you inquire about how to receive a copy of the final police report.

Contact an attorney for bicycle injuries as soon as possible.

Injury victims may guarantee that their right to compensation is protected by calling a bicycle injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident. This alleviates the financial strain associated with therapy and enables an accident victim to concentrate on his or her recovery.

The sooner you seek legal counsel, the more effectively your attorney can preserve your legal rights. Frequently, statements made at the site of an accident are utilized against an injured party. After an accident,

insurance firms often call victims to collect a documented narrative of the facts. While this is a crucial stage in the investigation process, it may affect the compensation a victim receives for their injuries. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney may assist you in navigating these procedures without jeopardizing your legal rights.

Documentation, documentation, documentation

Photographs, video, and audio recordings are often at the core of personal injury cases. Injury victims should thus meticulously record the event itself, as well as any symptoms or losses sustained as a result of the accident. With the proliferation of cellphones, photographing and videotaping an accident scene has become more simple.

Additionally, physical injuries — such as bruises, scars, and cuts – should be recorded to bolster your injury claim. Any time off work due to the accident should be recorded to substantiate your claim for lost pay. A personal injury attorney may assist you in determining what information should be documented and how it should be documented.

Avoid discussing your accident on social media platforms.

In today’s fast and digital age, it is quite tempting to inform one’s acquaintances about an accident or injury quickly. This might jeopardize your claim for personal injury. Any photos or words you publish on social media might be used to discount your injury claim by the insurance company.

Withhold any information concerning the accident or recovery until your claim has been settled or resolved at trial.

A Pound of Preventative Medicine, An Ounce of Cure

The fastest method to recover from a bicycle accident is to avoid them entirely. Reduce your risk of getting involved in a bicycle accident by following these safety tips:

Before embarking on a journey, ensure that your bike is in good operating order. Helmets and other protective gear help to minimize the severity of injuries incurred in an accident.

Bikes are smaller and harder for cars to spot. Utilize flashers or a bell to assist cars in seeing you. Ride carefully through parking lots since a driver’s attention may be distracted by the chore of reversing their car.

Keep an eye out for road impediments. Bicycles, being smaller and lighter than vehicles, are more vulnerable to road debris. Avoid rapid lane changes or other movements. The more erratic your emotions are, the more challenging it is for cars to avoid colliding with you.

Your Bicycle Accident Injury Claim Deserves the Best Representation

Warrior Bicycle Accident Lawyers’ injury lawyers have decades of expertise negotiating and litigating bicycle accident cases. They work tirelessly to safeguard Denver citizens from harm and to guarantee that they are adequately compensated in the event of an injury.

Whether your bicycle injuries were the result of a car accident, a truck accident, a motorcycle accident, or another act of negligence, our experienced team has the legal skills necessary to manage your claim successfully.

To book a free consultation with a personal injury attorney, call 719-300-1100 immediately. Our aggressive, skilled lawyers will fight for your right to compensation for your injuries and losses.

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