Do I Need to Hire a Trucking Accident Law Firm?

Hire a Trucking Accident Law Firm

Written by Jeremy D. Earle, JD

March 15, 2023

Do I Need a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Budgeting is something that many of us have on our to-do list. We’re always debating whether something is a need or a luxury. Is this a desire or a requirement?

We understand. However, there is one thing you should never, ever skimp on in the interest of saving money: legal assistance after a car accident.

It’s a frequent fallacy that hiring an attorney would set you back a lot of money. Many truck accident attorneys practice on a contingency basis. This indicates they don’t expect you to pay anything in advance. Instead, they are paid a percentage of the money you get from the settlement they helped you get.

This implies that as soon as you are involved in an accident, you have access to crucial legal assistance at no expense to you.

Some people are still skeptical, believing that “who needs a lawyer at all?” “This is something I can accomplish on my own.” True, but no one should be forced to do so.

Many individuals believe that hiring a truck accident lawyer would make things more difficult. On the other hand, an attorney can assist you with scheduling medical visits, managing all pertinent documentation and evidence, contacting witnesses for statements, negotiating with insurance providers, and much more.

Truck accidents claim the lives of thousands of people every year in the United States, costing victims MILLIONS of dollars.

Victims are often distressed, worried, and not interested in learning about their legal rights.

Insurance companies are well aware of this and will attempt to silence you with a hasty, low-ball settlement offer.

But keep in mind that injuries don’t often show up straight away following a car accident. Soft tissue injuries sustained in a truck accident may develop over time, limiting your capacity to work. You’re out of luck if you took that early settlement offer, waited too long to be tested, or never filed a claim.

If you were injured in a car accident, you are entitled to just compensation. You are entitled to the advice of a skilled truck accident lawyer.

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Is it necessary for me to hire a truck accident lawyer?

Although no one can compel you to employ a truck accident lawyer, submitting a claim for damages after a truck accident requires careful preparation and a thorough understanding of the legal difficulties that are special to truck accidents.

It is not a job that any lawyer can do. It would be best if you chose a lawyer who has a track record of success in truck accidents and personal injury cases.

What Can a Truck Accident Attorney Do for You?

Still not convinced? Let’s get this party started.

AS TRUCK ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS KNOW, a LOT goes into establishing a good case for damages following a truck accident injury. You may not be up against a single driver; you might be up against a wealthy and powerful trucking firm with the greatest insurance and the most ruthless defense counsel on their side.

From the start, the odds are stacked against you. So, what do you get if you make the (hum, wise) choice to engage a truck accident attorney rather than the first lawyer you come across in a quick Google search?

Keeping Medical Expenses Under Control

Hospital fees are costly, and they may quickly mount following a car accident. According to recent research, in-hospital expenditures for a traumatic brain injury vary from $2,130 to $401,808, with a median cost of $55,267!

Another frequent ailment from truck accidents is spinal cord damage, which may need many procedures and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The common individual does not have the financial means to pay for such unexpected medical expenses.

This is where a truck accident lawyer may assist you. Medical providers may rest certain that you will most likely get a financial payout if you have an open truck accident injury legal claim and a competent truck accident attorney on your side.

An expert truck accident injury lawyer may help you get a “letter of protection,” which guarantees your medical provider a delayed payment from any settlement or jury verdict you receive.

Collecting evidence

The quality of the evidence you have to support your truck accident injury lawsuit will significantly impact the result of your case.

Experienced truck accident lawyers know what sort of evidence will be most helpful in establishing your case, as well as where to look for it and how to get it. They’ll look at things like medical records and expert medical views.

Testimony of witnesses

Video and photographic evidence (dashcams, security cameras, mobile phone recordings, social media records—perhaps your accident was caught on Tik-Tok!)

Expert reports on accident reconstruction

These are just a few examples of the sorts of evidence that may be used to persuade an insurance company to pay a maximum settlement or persuade a jury to make a maximum damages judgement in a truck accident case.

Every truck accident has its own set of conditions and facts. A truck accident lawyer knows how to sift through them to locate the proof you need to establish someone owes you money and how much they owe you.

Finding Out Who Owes You Damages

The only thing you can be sure of when truck accidents is that they’re all complex.

Many trucks are used for business purposes. Multiple people and corporations are usually interested in them and their transport goods.

Did you know that each of those parties might be held liable in the event of a truck accident?

Truck accident attorneys that have handled several cases know how to target the right people.

Who may be held responsible? Here are some of the most common suspects:

The truck driver: The driver of one of the cars is always potentially liable in any motor car collision. Accidents involving trucks are no exception. Damages might be levied against a trucker who makes bad judgments or drives dangerously.

Employer of the driver: Employers are often held legally liable for their workers’ behavior. They may also be held liable if they performed measures that led to the trucker’s harmful conduct, such as pressuring him to work excessive hours or neglecting to give enough training.

A component manufacturer: It isn’t very comforting to consider things breaking on an 80,000-pound truck, yet it happens more often than you may imagine. In reality, mechanical issues such as malfunctioning brakes or blown tires cause many truck accidents. A manufacturer may be held liable if a poorly designed or faulty item causes an accident.

These are only a handful of the possibilities. The point is that an expert truck accident lawyer is familiar with the wide range of parties that may owe money to an accident victim. Why is it so critical to identify such individuals? Because a lawyer understands how critical it is to target as many persons with the financial means to pay as feasible.

Negotiations with Insurance Companies

Frequently, the parties that have liability insurance coverage are the ones who can pay damages. Of course, this isn’t always the case. A legally guilty party in a truck accident may be able to pay damages out of pocket.

Getting a truck accident victim reimbursed, on the other hand, usually requires haggling with insurance companies, who will do all they can to avoid responsibility.

That’s where a seasoned truck accident injury lawyer’s expertise and talent may make all the difference. They have the expertise to battle head-to-head with the large insurance companies, which often assign their most experienced adjusters to difficult truck accident claims.

Car accident attorneys recognize that the legal link between parties with a stake in a commercial truck might influence who pays first, who steps up next, and so on.

Another way, truck accidents are not the same as car accidents. Lawyers are up against not just one car liability insurer but a slew of insurance adjusters and defense lawyers, all trying to save their clients as much money as possible.

Going to Court Lawsuit settlements aren’t always simple and straightforward, and you can find yourself entangled in a legal tug-of-war over your money. If your case gets to court, you’ll need a qualified truck accident lawyer on your side who can explain your complicated issue to a jury straightforwardly and understandably.

What Is the Value of a Truck Accident Claim?

Every truck accident has its own set of conditions and facts. We can’t tell you how much your claim is worth without knowing the specifics of your case, and we wouldn’t want to mislead you by quoting a figure off the top of our heads.

This is why you need a lawyer who can help you manage the legal quagmire that a truck accident may create and figure out how much money you deserve.

To determine the greatest damages judgement you should get, an experienced truck accident lawyer understands precisely where to search and who to question. This compensation will cover the following expenses:

Medical bills

When someone else is to blame for your injuries, you shouldn’t have to pay a dollar. Medical bills may ruin families who don’t have enough money to meet deductibles and other insurance costs. The parties responsible for the truck accident should cover the expenses of medical treatment you need to recover from your injuries. It’s only right.

Wages lost

Most individuals cannot afford to miss work for a lengthy time to recuperate from a truck accident injury. However, if you return to work too soon, you risk aggravating your problems. If you cannot work due to an accident, you should be compensated for your missed salary.

Wages are normally lost from the first day you leave work until returning to work. If you cannot return to work, your lawyer may demand recovery of your lost future salary in a lump amount.

Rehabilitation equipment and services

Serious injuries might make it difficult to move about the home, go to work, or even walk. If your home is not accessible, you may need mobility assistance, occupational therapy, or even home improvements in certain instances. Those costs should not have to be paid out of your pocket.

Pain and suffering

This is the most difficult expense to quantify, and it’s also the one that insurance companies fight the most. Pain and suffering are referred to as “non-economic” costs. Even though there is no receipt or invoice to document your physical pain and mental suffering, you are entitled to compensation. An expert truck accident lawyer understands how to analyze the effect of a truck accident on your life and persuade insurance companies to give you the full compensation you are entitled to.

First and foremost, you.

Truck accidents may negatively influence your health, employment, family, and other aspects of your life. Count on a truck accident injury lawyer to fight for your rights when your life – and/or your car! – has been turned upside down. When someone else’s carelessness causes you harm or loss, the law empowers you to seek just compensation.

Allowing an insurance provider to pay you less than you should is unethical.

Make sure you don’t have any regrets.

For a free case review, contact an experienced truck accident attorney immediately.

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