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Timeline of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Written by Jeremy D. Earle, JD

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May 22, 2023

Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Colorado Springs

A personal injury attorney may help the affected party understand their rights and get compensation when someone has been hurt.

As a result of someone else’s carelessness, you may feel that someone else should pay for your injuries—the trouble is, you don’t know where to begin. It is in your best interest to contact a lawyer knowledgeable about your alternatives and who can manage the legal procedure on your behalf. The question is, who do you employ?

Injured accident victims in the United States have a plethora of personal injury legal firms to choose from. While some businesses go all-out in their marketing efforts, others depend only on word-of-mouth and referrals to bring in new business.

Performing a simple internet search will provide, at the very least, tens of thousands of results. Why is it so difficult to choose the finest personal injury legal firm?

We’ve divided how to search into three sections, each with its steps: Identify and Analyze Potential Employees. Finally, get the best personal injury lawyer by screening your candidates.



Knowing why you need a lawyer before choosing an effective best personal injury lawyer  is important. A personal injury case falls within the purview of a personal injury attorney. For criminal defense, you wouldn’t employ a commercial attorney.

The same applies to hiring a lawyer from inside your circle unless that lawyer has extensive expertise with personal injury cases. There are many cases when the wrong lawyer is hired because the person is known to the client or because a close friend or family member knows them.

The best personal injury attorney for an injury case is an injury attorney. However, some personal injury lawyers may not be the ideal fit for your situation. Personal injury lawyers aren’t as easy to find as they seem to be.

In personal injury litigation, the kind of accident is a key factor. If you were hurt in a slip and fall at, you probably wouldn’t want to hire a lawyer that exclusively deals with vehicle accidents.

Going up against Walmart and its insurers is NOTHING like dealing with an auto insurance claim.

If your damage is severe, you should look for a lawyer who has dealt with cases similar to yours in the past. Due to a lack of expertise in diagnosing and treating serious or catastrophic injuries, several personal injury businesses opt not to take on many cases involving minor injuries.

Ask your lawyer whether they have expertise in managing cases like yours if you’ve suffered a serious or catastrophic injury.

An attorney concentrating on personal injury litigation may not have the resources or knowledge to deal with a broad range of personal injury cases, from the most basic vehicle accident to the most significant 18-wheeler collision or the most serious injury slip and fall case there is.

Before hiring a bigger personal injury legal company, thoroughly examine the firm’s capabilities and expertise in handling a wide range of cases. Hiring a big business can give you more “firepower” and resources to back up your claim.

However, ensure that such a company doesn’t have a reputation for treating its customers “like a number.” In certain cases, working with a big legal firm that provides a high degree of personal attention may be in your best interest. A combination of more resources and one-on-one attention is provided to you in this manner.

Last but not least, be aware that several avenues are open to those injured in an accident. While some insurance companies may be willing to settle certain claims, others may need a court battle.

One who is not afraid to take on major insurance companies and corporate rivals when negotiating a settlement is exactly what you need to find a lawyer for your sort of case and the specific injuries you need to file a lawsuit on.


Many legal companies deal with personal injury claims, so here are some things to look for to help you choose the best one:

  • Expertise- It’s a given that younger attorneys lack the “insider secrets” and years of experience that lawyers with decades experience in personal injury litigation have. It is, nevertheless, possible for a fresher lawyer to work in a firm that offers the assistance and training of experienced lawyers.
  • Reputation-Well-liked and well-respected attorneys in the community will typically outperform those with a less spectacular reputation. If a lawyer has a good reputation, you may be sure that he or she will devote their time and energy to your case. There’s no excuse not to complete your homework in this day and age of the internet!
  • When lawyers fail to meet deadlines-do not communicate with their clients, or behave unethically, they may face disciplinary action from their state bar or licensing authority- .Look for any complaints, suspensions, or disbarments against the lawyers you’re looking into on the state bar website or other licencing authority.
  • It is important to find out whether your injuries prohibit you from visiting a lawyer’s office, so ask if the lawyer would come to you at home or the hospital. You should look for a company with team members on call around the clock. The organization has a strong “infrastructure” of operations and a commitment to its customers.
  • There is no use in having a lot of experience as a lawyer if you can’t get excellent outcomes for your clients. Pay attention to prior clients’ assessments of the lawyer’s past case results—while it’s not a guarantee, it may give you a solid idea of what he or she can do for you.

Are you looking for a personal injury lawyer to help you with your case? Check out other people’s opinions! Client testimonials are a great method to learn about a lawyer’s abilities.

Clients do not need to provide feedback on their experiences with their lawyers, although many do so out of gratitude for their service. You may learn more about a lawyer or legal practice by looking at client testimonials or viewing video testimonials.

You don’t want a personal injury lawyer who doesn’t care about your case, do you? It’s possible that the people who gave their testimonies said they were attentive and efficient.

Do you want someone to pay close attention to you? Many customers express their gratitude for the support they received from their injury lawyer at every case stage.

A positive or poor sense of how a lawyer might assist you may come from reading testimonials from previous customers.

In the same way, be sure to check out customer testimonials. One of the greatest methods to get a sense of what to expect is to read reviews left by other customers.

Negative evaluations should not deter you from hiring an excellent attorney. Look at the review’s content: Were you suspicious of the reviewer’s motives? Were you suspicious that they were a rival or a disgruntled former employee? (This is more common than you may expect.)

Look at how quickly the company reacts to client feedback. If so, how do you feel about it? No, they don’t appear to care about what their customers think.



Asking friends and relatives for recommendations, searching online and utilizing legal web directories to identify local lawyers, and then thoroughly researching each choice until you have a short list of top contenders is a good place to start.

Make an appointment with one of these lawyers and ask any questions you may have regarding your case, the lawyer, or the team you will be working with.

To avoid becoming sidetracked and forgetting any of your questions, you should write them down ahead of time. Talk to the legal firm about your situation and how they can assist you in getting back on your feet after it occurred. What are some of the most often asked questions during such a meeting?

  • Have you ever dealt with a situation similar to mine? Was your goal achieved, and if so?
  • Knowing whether or not you specialize in a single practice area is important.
  • What is the statute of limitations for pursuing legal action?
  • Is it typical for a case like mine to take a long time to settle? How broad is the scope?
  • When and where will my case be assigned?
  • To keep me informed of the progress of my case, how soon does your office respond to phone calls or emails?
  • What is the price structure for this sort of case?
  • What are my chances of winning this case?

Give the legal team as much information about your case as possible so they can offer you the best possible responses to your inquiries. To prepare for your interview, it’s best to acquire all relevant information and papers beforehand.

Consider keeping critical papers and information on hand if it is practicable. Some several documents and data may be useful in making the dialogue as fruitful as possible, including medical records and information regarding witnesses to the accident, as well as images of the accident site and police reports.

Talking about your case and concerns with a legal firm will give you an idea of whether or not they are the right match for you. If the lawyer on the other end of the phone speaks quickly, skips over essential points, or otherwise rushes you off the phone, this might be a warning of things in your case.

A lawyer who takes the time to explain your rights and alternatives displays empathy and compassion. Treating you as genuine might give you greater confidence that you’ll get attentive, customized counsel throughout your case.

Choosing a personal injury attorney is one of the most critical decisions you will ever make. Determine whether or not you’ll be required to employ the lawyer or legal company after your free first meeting.

Check to see if the legal team has taken the time to respond to your inquiries and assess the merits of your possible claim. Look for a fair appraisal of the merits of your case, and don’t settle for anything less.


Injured accident victims may be reluctant to hire a lawyer because of the possible expense. There are legal firms out there that charge upwards of $100 for a simple phone call.

Every time you call your lawyer, you don’t want to be concerned about the cost of the call. Instead, you should look for a lawyer who can provide the services you want at a price you can live with.

It’s usually a good idea to ask questions about fees before signing a contract with a lawyer since certain arrangements might be perplexing. After an accident, you need a lawyer with a fee structure that works with your financial condition, not to make things worse!

If you’re on a limited budget and need an attorney, seek a practice that accepts cases on a contingency fee basis. If the company successfully obtains compensation on your behalf, you will not be required to make any payments under a contingency fee arrangement.

It is free for the attorney to draught and handle your insurance claim under a contingency fee arrangement. It costs nothing to file a lawsuit. You will not have to pay a cent until you reach an agreement.

Your attorney’s fees will be paid in part when you get compensation. If you’ve signed a contingency fee agreement, it should specify how much of your money will go toward paying your lawyer—and you should always be happy with that amount.

No money should ever be paid out of your pocket, and you should never have to come up with any money in advance.

Contingency fee arrangements  are advantageous to all parties involved. If you can’t afford an attorney, you don’t have to worry about it. You may still file a personal injury lawsuit even if you are strapped for cash. Because your attorney only gets paid if you do, your interests are aligned. This also reflects your lawyer’s confidence in your case; lawyers are reluctant to accept terrible cases on contingency since there is nothing in it for them.

  1. Make sure that you get the best personal injury attorney for your situation.

Allow us to imagine that your initial encounter was pleasant and that you had a positive impression of the company because of the qualifications, experience, and general manner of the people you spoke with.

It’s okay to employ someone if you feel at ease and certain they are a good fit for you and have addressed all your issues and concerns. Then again, you may have questions or concerns that you’d want to discuss more. A supervisor or one of the lawyers on the team may be the best option in this circumstance. I

f you decide not to engage the legal firm after your first consultation, you should have a notepad on hand and jot down any questions or concerns so that you may have a more fruitful chat with them later.

Even if your initial interaction with a lawyer is less than ideal, keep in mind that talks may diverge and that legal experts, like everyone else, may not be able to provide you with all of the information you need.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of an oversight or that they are uninterested or uninformed on the matter. The bottom line is to believe your research and intuition if you sense a strong connection with a law firm, whether after the first or second time you connect.


This can help you narrow your selections to a personal injury lawyer you feel is the best fit for you and your case.

You’ll be required to sign a contract with the legal firm you choose if they accept to handle your case. The contract should include the scope of the representation and the price schedule you agreed on when you first met.

Make sure you read this agreement well, and don’t hesitate if you have any queries concerning its provisions. As any lawyer will tell you, you should never sign a contract unless you are confident in its terms and comprehend it in its entirety.

A personal injury lawyer and their team may work on your behalf as soon as you sign the contract.

Contact an experienced personal injury attorney now for more information.”‘

Contact a personal injury attorney if you’re unsure of your legal options. That’s the first step in receiving the compensation you deserve after an accidental injury.

Find a personal injury attorney that is most suited to your situation. People’s tastes in legal counsel and representation are as diverse as their fingerprints. You should never decide to hire a personal injury lawyer lightly, regardless of your beliefs or opinions.

Knowing the legal team and getting a sense of who they are and how they will treat you may be the most important thing you can do. When looking for a legal team, look for one that will take the time to go over the accident’s circumstances and your injuries, losses, and choices.

You should look for a lawyer who can make you feel at ease and who will represent your interests throughout the whole legal procedure.

Trying to find the finest personal injury attorney? Let us show you what we can achieve and why so many wounded accident victims choose our legal company from the beginning.

Consultation is available at no charge to assist you in making the best choice for you and your family. See our areas of practice as well; we’ve handled many personal injury cases and have a proven track record.

You may rely on our legal advice and assistance; if required, we’ll take your case to court. Trial experience is an asset that our injury attorneys possess.

Our injury attorneys can assist you in obtaining the monetary compensation you need to cover your medical expenses, lost earnings, and emotional distress. You may receive the answers you need after a catastrophic accident by coming in or call us for a free initial consultation and case evaluation. We’re here to help when you need it, and we’re not hesitant to take your case to court if that’s what it takes.

Choosing the Best Colorado Springs Personal Injury Law Firm

Many individuals will advise you, “Sue them!” if someone else injures you. A personal injury lawsuit is a common aspect of many accident cases, but the procedure is more involved and you may be able to handle the situation in other ways, such as by filing a claim with your insurance company.

To get the money you deserve, you need to know all of your alternatives. Seeking the advice and aid of a personal injury business is the best way to learn about your choices.

In the Colorado Springs region, employing a local company is a convenient option. You’re already juggling many trips to the doctor’s office and various treatment facilities as a result of your injuries, not to mention the rest of your hectic schedule. You should work with a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney that will do all in its power to help you win your case.

How can you identify the best Colorado Springs personal injury law firm for your case if a basic online search for “Colorado Springs personal injury attorney” gives more than one million results?


Many legal companies rely on referrals from satisfied customers. A personal injury lawyer’s company might be referred to you by a friend or family who was happy with their service and outcomes. You should only seek recommendations from individuals you respect and trust, and you should be wary of anybody who offers suggestions without your explicit permission. It’s possible that they’re trying to drum up business for their pals, regardless of the kind of service they deliver.

If you’re not sure, just GOOGLE IT!

Finding local personal injury lawyers and legal firms is much easier with a quick Google search, even if the results seem overwhelming. This search may also offer you with a list of evaluations of lawyers and law firms so that you can learn about their experiences from the perspective of their previous customers. “

If you want to obtain a realistic understanding of what a legal firm can do for you, this may be quite beneficial.

The websites of several law firms may also be a good resource for finding out whether they handle your sort of case. You may get a sense of the lawyers on staff by reading their profiles and seeing how long they’ve been practising law.

Online resources like Avvo and Yelp, as well as bar groups in your area, might help you choose a lawyer you like. If you’re reading a legal firm’s evaluations, keep in mind that they don’t necessarily tell the whole story.

Is the praise or criticism genuine, as if it were written by real customers? Was the law firm’s staff responsive and did they seem to care about their clients’ opinions?


Law businesses come in many shapes and sizes, from a single attorney in a small office to hundreds of lawyers in a sprawling, busy building, and everything in between.

Despite popular belief, not every client or issue merits the services provided by a large legal practice. Firms that handle a lot of personal injury cases may not have the time to provide each of their clients the personal attention they need.

To get more claims through the system, they may also encourage their clients to settle their cases for much less than their injuries have cost them. There is a tendency to leave injured victims with settlements that do not adequately compensate them.

On the other side, a tiny business may not be able to give each instance the attention it needs. Clients may be harmed if resources, such as time and money, are stretched too thin.

There are instances when working with a big legal firm that specializes in providing personalized care is your best option. As a result, you’ll have access to more resources and get greater one-on-one attention from the team as a whole.


The necessary expertise to handle your case may not be found in a well-known legal practice. As an example, situations involving commercial truck accidents may be exceedingly difficult and need understanding of the trucking industry’s ins and outs.

Slip & fall cases may be handled by a company with great expertise, while trucking situations may be completely unfamiliar to them. It’s imperative that you work with a business that has a staff capable of handling your sort of claim to its utmost potential for success, not simply one experienced lawyer.


As soon as you’ve narrowed down your choices, schedule a meeting with the top prospects.

Nowadays, it’s possible to meet with a potential legal firm in a variety of ways. Through email or contact forms on websites, most individuals establish their initial impressions of law firms. If you locate a company that piques your interest, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them. Online and phone-based consultations have become commonplace in today’s world.

At this first appointment, you may discuss your issue with the legal team and get a feel for the company you’re considering hiring. You want to develop a list of questions ahead of time, including inquiries about your experience, your representation style, and your ideas on your alternatives.

You’ll be working with the folks at the business you choose for many months, so it’s understandable if you have preferences. Make sure you’re happy with the company’s character and how it treats you. Were they paying attention to what you had to say or were they concerned with other things?

How much time was spent by the legal team in learning about your incident? Important observations might help you choose the proper legal company for you in Colorado Springs.

Don’t hesitate to call our Colorado Springs personal injury lawyers now to schedule your free consultation.

One size does not fit all when it comes to finding the ideal company. The importance of one client’s concerns may be overlooked by another. A meeting with a team from the same legal firm might have a profound effect on two persons in identical circumstances.

In the end, you have to be happy with your decision. Uncertainty over who will represent you in court is enough to make the procedure even more unpleasant.

We at Jeremy D. Earle, JD think that our clients should be able to put their faith in our legal team when they choose us. Let us know what occurred and we’ll offer you an honest and forthright answer.

Warrior Injury Law, a nationally renowned group of lawyers and legal experts, has been fighting for the rights of wounded clients for more than two decades and has earned a solid reputation in the field of personal injury law.

So long as we win your personal injury case, you will not owe us a dime in attorney fees. You may reach us at 719-300-1100 by contacting us right away by clicking here.

Injured person’s lawyer FAQ

So far, there haven’t been many severe accidents, and we all hope that continues. A personal injury attorney’s position in the legal process is unclear to most persons who have never handled a case like this before.

The idea that personal injury attorneys are “ambulance chasers” or seek to drain you of your assets is one of many misconceptions that endure. This is a common misconception that is frequently promoted by large firms (and their insurance companies) that would rather save money by cutting corners—then escape paying for the damage and injuries they caused—than just acting properly in the first place!

If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer you can rely on and who really cares about your case, go no further than Jeremy D. Earle, JD, Attorney at Law. You can count on us to provide you a free evaluation of your personal injury claim since we’ve been doing this for more than 20 years.

Call us immediately at 719-300-1100 or send us an email by contact us by clicking HERE  to get a free consultation on your case.

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning personal injury attorneys. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Jeremy D. Earle, JD if you have more questions concerning your case.


Attorneys who specialize in personal injury law deal with a broad variety of matters involving injuries caused by the negligence of others. If someone else is responsible for your injuries, you have the right to seek compensation from them.

After an accident, many individuals seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to help them collect compensation. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you should seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer.

  • Car accidents
  • Commercial truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Slips and falls
  • Gas or oilfield accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Wrongful death.

A personal injury lawyer can help you determine whether you have a case after any accident or injury.


The first image that comes to mind when people think of a lawyer is someone arguing in a crowded courtroom. On the other hand, personal injury attorneys do much more than only representing their clients in court. You’ll need an attorney to help you with every phase of your financial recovery:

  • Listen to what occurred and advise you of your legal rights under the law
  • Conduct investigations to identify who was accountable for your accident and acquire evidence to back your claims
  • Help you decide how to proceed with your claim for compensation
  • estimate the value of your claim; arrange for the medical care you need to recover from your injurie
  • file an insurance claim with the responsible party’s insurance company
  • handle every step of the insurance process to get a fair settlement; file a personal injury lawsuit if an insurance settlement cannot be reached;
  • handle every step of the litigation process

It is common for insurance companies to exploit accident victims who a lawyer does not represent. Many strategies persuade you to accept a settlement that falls well short of what you are entitled to.

If you accept a settlement that doesn’t adequately cover all of your accident-related costs, you will forfeit your ability to seek more compensation in the future. A personal injury lawyer may assist you in many ways, so don’t delay getting in touch with an attorney at the Jeremy D. Earle, JD law company.

Are Personal Injury Lawyers Expensive?

Too many individuals who have been hurt don’t contact a lawyer because they assume they can’t afford one. Attorney hourly costs may go into the hundreds of dollars, and many believe this to be true. Even if that’s true of certain lawyers, it’s not true of personal injury attorneys.

Personal injury lawyers use a contingency fee arrangement. There are no fees for the client, and the attorney only gets paid if the client successfully recoups damages. Afterwards, the lawyer receives a share of the settlement or award. Regarding contingency fee agreements, they are accurate for Jeremy D. Earle, JD.

Suppose we are successful in obtaining a settlement on your behalf. In that case, we will reimburse you for that amount only if we can cover the investigation, insurance claim, or litigation expenses.

  • A portion of the settlement will go to the attorney’s fee if you accept it
  • You will never pay anything out of your pocket to the attorney
  • We will try to reduce medical costs or health insurance subrogation’s to maximize your “net” recovery from your case.

Before you sign anything, your lawyer will go through the facts of your contingency fee arrangement with you. If you have any questions about our compensation or how much of your settlement will go toward our costs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With a contingency fee arrangement, anybody can afford a personal injury attorney—and you lose nothing by contacting an attorney to explore your options.


You may assume that your injuries are so modest that you don’t need to pursue legal action. And dealing with a lawyer seems like one more thing to worry about when you’re already dealing with physicians and therapies for your ailments. Calling a personal injury lawyer to explore your options is risk-free.

If you’re unsure whether or not you need the services of a lawyer, consider the following:

  • Is there anything I can do to help you?
  • Do you have any suspicions that someone else was responsible?
  • Were there any medical expenses – even a few?
  • How much money did you lose as a result of missing work?

You should ask one of these questions to determine whether you need a lawyer. Our lawyers will meet with you to review your situation and determine whether you have a legal case.


Choosing the best personal injury lawyer is an important first step once you’ve chosen to contact one. You’re looking for a legal company with a proven track record of success. Having an attorney who will stand up to insurance companies and major businesses is essential.

Jeremy D. Earle, JD, Attorney at Law, with its major offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has been aiding accident and injury victims for the last 20 years to defend and preserve their legal rights.

Interested parties may reach out to us at 719-300-1100 for a no-obligation consultation. Remember that you will not be charged a fee until we win your case.

We provide free consultations to anybody who has been injured in a vehicle or truck crash or any other form of accident.

There are no upfront fees for our injury claims since we accept them on a contingency fee basis. You may reach us by phone at 719-300-1100, or contact us now by clicking HERE.

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