Average Settlement Car Accident Back and Neck Injury

Written by Jeremy D. Earle, JD

March 12, 2023

What is my Back Injury Case Worth?

Car accidents often make the headlines. The news made headlines all around the nation. Every year, their rate rises. It’s crucial to understand them and the frequent ailments they might cause.

Warrior Car Accident Lawyers handle car accident injuries following a car accident. In Colorado and other states, we do so. We assist customers with a variety of damages. Our law firm’s car accident attorneys can fight for compensation settlements for your particular injuries that are more than the norm.

This monetary award should cover economic and non-economic losses, such as medical treatment (MRI, fusion surgery, etc.) and future medical expenses. After a car accident, most victims suffer from terrible back pain injuries such as whiplash, beck damage or neck injuries, bulging discs, spinal cord injury, and other neck injuries.

These sections were created to provide insight into back pain injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, you may take action.

With the help of one of our injury lawyers, you may find relief and rehabilitation. In a personal injury lawsuit, an expert car accident lawyer can help you receive a back injury payout or a car or truck accident judgement that is higher than the average settlement value by defending you against the at-fault motorist or insurance company.

Read on to discover more about the catastrophic back and neck injuries caused by at-fault drivers, as well as what a higher or even fair settlement might mean for you, mainly if you work with a personal injury attorney. A car accident damage to your neck and back might be frightening, but a personal injury lawyer can help you get back on track.


When it comes to spinal injuries, physics plays a significant role. Changes in direction and velocity create the force that damages your back, and any of these might cause issues. When you’re in a car accident, your back/spine is pushed forward. Seatbelts, airbags, or crashes jerk about your body. This kinetic velocity has the potential to injure your spine. It is compressed, and the whip-like action ruptures discs. The whole back gets thrown out of whack as a result of this.


DEBRIS. Additionally, essential nerves may be torn open. They are in charge of communication between the brain and the rest of the body. These injuries may be quite disabling. Here are a few ways it might affect your life.


Pinched or exposed nerves may cause chronic pain. This is caused by herniated or burst discs. There is no fluid between the discs. As a result, nothing protects the bones and nerves. Victims may never be able to engage in the same level of physical activity again. They may have flare-ups and attacks for the rest of their lives.


Pinched nerves and damaged discs might injure motor function. The transmission of information between the brain and the body is disrupted. This leads to a slew of issues. Many sufferers have limited mobility. Some injuries cause a loss of motor function for some time. Others may utterly disregard it.


Traumatic brain injuries may occur when the upper spine is damaged. This leads to a slew of issues. Memory, focus, communication, and motor function may all suffer as a result.

If you suffer severe injuries as a result of an car accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney straight away (i.e. neck and back injury, just a neck injury, just back injuries, spinal cord damage, soft tissue injury or soft tissue injuries, cervical fracture, herniated disc whiplash injury, or another personal injury).

In a free consultation, a personal injury lawyer may analyse your medical records and answer concerns concerning your neck and back problems, as well as a possible compensation with insurance companies or third parties.

We may also talk about a back injury compensation or a general car accident settlement and injury claim, as well as what you could be entitled to for medical care, physical therapy, and other expenditures incurred as a result of the significant injury experienced by the car accident victim.

The typical car accident compensation may assist anybody suffering from back and neck pain and more severe injuries inflicted by the at-fault motorist.


Herniated discs and spinal cord damage are common back injuries in car accidents. The injuries to the spinal cord are the subject of this section. Click here for more information about herniated disc injuries.

The nerves in the spinal cord form an electric highway. It has complete power over the human body. It is responsible for motor and sensory-nervous processes. Bones make up the majority of its structure. Tissues, ligaments, and nerves are also present.

It is surrounded and buffered by three layers of meninges. Dura mater, arachnoid mater, and pia mater are the three types. Blood veins, tissue, and fluids are encased in the gap between these layers. The skeletal system is divided into three parts.

The Cervical vertebrae make up the top section (7 vertebrae). The thoracic vertebrae make up the centre section (12 vertebrae). The Lumbar vertebrae make up the bottom section (5 vertebrae). The Sacrum and Coccyx are also portions of the cord. These are located in the Lumbar area. The human spinal cord is shown in the figure below:

Fast speeds cause spine injuries in car accidents. A sprain, strain, or compression fracture is the result of this.

The Thoracic area of the spine suffers the most significant damage. Bruising, discomfort, and loss of motion/feeling are common side effects.

Spinal cord injuries might take a long time to manifest. As a result, victims are unsure of what therapy to seek. They also have no idea how long the discomfort will endure. Some of it may mend on its own. Some of it may need long-term attention. You may require surgery. Take a look at these facts. They cover back injuries sustained in car accidents.

Most personal injury lawyers can help with injury claims, car accident claims, personal injury claims, neck injury claims, personal injury lawsuits, neck and back injuries, fractured bones, and other issues. On the other hand, our car accident attorneys are some of the most experienced advocates in the state and can provide you with a free consultation right now.


Every year, over 500,000 individuals suffer a spinal cord injury. Car accidents are responsible for one-third of these deaths.

A spinal injury may occur at speeds as low as 5 miles per hour.

People who have had a spinal cord injury are five times more likely to die young. The majority of spinal cord injury sufferers are men under 30.

Sports falls and fights are all common causes of spinal cord injury.

Nearly half of those who suffer a spinal cord injury do not have private insurance. These injuries often need months in the hospital. Medical therapy for such stays may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Some back ailments just need medication and physical therapy. Others will need surgery. Back surgery is both intrusive and costly. It’s also possible that it won’t solve the root issue. Doctors may even recommend several surgeries. This adds to the expense and discomfort. Here’s a comprehensive list of back and neck injury treatments. They can be required for your back discomfort after a Colorado car accident.

Tylenol and other over-the-counter medications. Chiropractic treatment and attention.

Electrical nerve stimulation and electrothermal treatment.

Bioelectric blocking treatment is a kind of bioelectric blocking therapy. Physical and occupational therapy.

Stimulation and spinal treatment Injections.

The price paid by these victims is considerably higher. They will have to accept a life without mobility. Their family must assist them with their car. This may be rather costly. A disabled person’s lifetime care costs may easily exceed $4.5 million.

Because they cannot work again, the vast price tag stands out. Many disabled persons will never be able to work again. The majority of injuries are caused by rear-end collisions and lane deviation accidents. Seventy per cent of car accidents resulting in a spinal injury involve cars. You should consult a doctor as soon as possible. Over time, these injuries deteriorate.

They may not show symptoms at first. Keep track of your costs and medical care. This will keep your claim alive. It will also make your personal injury lawyer’s job simpler in court! Also, do these things.


Make a list of your trips to and from medical appointments. You’ll need a trip diary to keep track of the medical attention you’ll require due to the accident.

Request a lost earnings verification form from your company.

Request your primary care physician’s medical records. You may also need documents from other medical professionals.

Keep a record of your insurance company’s information, including any applicable policies involving the neck or back injuries caused by the car accident.

Carefully follow your doctor’s recommendations. Don’t question anything he or she says concerning back and neck ailments.

The average settlement for an car accident is larger than the average neck settlement from other accidents. The insurance company’s first offer will also be more since more significant ailments are at play, such as a herniated disc or associated injuries.

If you wish to seek compensation from the at-fault party for settlement value in a back injury claim and typical neck rehabilitation, contact us.

In Colorado lawsuits, the Best Back Injury Claims and Defenses

There are several frequent claims and defences in Colorado car accident lawsuits. Many of the arguments offered in court seem to be identical. If you succeed in these problems, you will win in court. Back ailments are different from other injuries. Specific claims/allegations are required. Their grievances, motions, and arguments all need to be tailored.

Here are a few examples of claims you could come across. There’s also some information on how defendants usually defend themselves. We’ll also teach you how to counteract their defences!


In Colorado, every personal injury lawsuit will contain a claim for damages. They’ll almost always be related to medical costs. Back injuries are challenging to deal with. On average, their claims are a little higher. As a result, defendants will fight back. They’ll argue that some, if not all, of them, are superfluous.

Show how comparable plaintiffs recovered to overcome this. Use physicians’ testimony to support the effectiveness of the therapy.


For some people, long-term pain is a huge source of comfort. The essence of this argument is that the damage will have a long-term impact on them. As a result, they should be rewarded appropriately. The defendants will refute this claim.

However, they often do so in the absence of specific proof. Show how the occurrence took away your capacity to perform what you used to be able to do to bolster your argument. Show instances from your employment, leisure, and other activities.


Plaintiffs often seeks compensation for lost wages in these cases. This is because their back ailments hinder them from returning to work and earning a livelihood. Defendants usually respond by claiming that this was a personal choice.

They’ll claim it has nothing to do with the injuries sustained in the car accident. This response, on the other hand, is simply countered. Simply provide proof of the work routine and job requirements. This, when combined with the plaintiff’s injuries, should demonstrate that the plaintiff’s claims are reasonable.

See how the claims and defences in these spinal cord and back or neck injury cases affect the outcome. They may have a significant impact on your compensation, mainly if an insurance company is involved.

Other difficulties might also emerge in these back or neck suites. Call our offices, and we’ll go through various back or neck injury cases with you to have a better idea. We’ll go through what you can do to speed up your rehabilitation after a neck or back injury by working with an insurance company or another person that caused the damage.


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